Why choose a round rug?

And why not choose a round rug? This is a very varied range of rugs that are out of the ordinary thanks to their specific shape and perfectly suited to all styles of decoration. More attractive and more remarkable, they brighten up your room by adding a touch of originality.


The round rug is an excellent alternative to rectangular rugs or square-shaped rugs. It contrasts with monotony and brings an individual touch to a room. The round rug is aesthetic and practical and expresses a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Its circular shape allows it to contrast with the angles and impose its style of softness on the habitat.

The round rug automatically catches the eye. It is better to place it in the middle of a sufficiently airy room or the corner of the fireplace for pleasant winter evenings in front of the fire to give it its full value. The round carpet often inspires a particular form of intimacy, discretion and well-being.


The round outdoor rug will easily find its place in your daily life at the office or at home. It is ideal for a living room, an entrance or a bedroom. The round rug relieves a small room and acts as the central element in a spacious room.

You will find a range of models in various sizes, recommended for integrating the decor of any room. It is available in different natural or synthetic materials, all as original as each other, to allow you a wide choice of modern rugs that best suit your personality.

We also offer made-to-measure round rugs from our range, with a very personal, romantic, bohemian, pop side, in simple or openwork jute.


The colour of the carpet is essential for a successful decoration. Do not hesitate to play on the variations of shades for more originality. Regarding the style of the carpet, opt for a fine carpet with short wicks for a classic atmosphere. The model with long locks is ideal for your comfort of barefoot relaxation.

A patterned round rug will no longer need to be dressed. Ideal in the living room rugs, you can arrange two solid colour chairs, one next to the other, at the limit of the outside circle of the carpet.

If you prefer a plain round rug, place an object on it to make it stand out: a dining table with chairs around it, for example. But in such a way, the carpet covers the entire occupying surface of the element above it.