How to choose sofa cover fabric.

Are you having trouble choosing the fabric for your custom sofa or cushion cover? Here are some tips for choosing fabrics and recommended fabrics.

Choose a colour first.

There are many points to consider when choosing the material, durability, and colour of the sofa cover fabric. Still, Imperial Rooms recommends that you first decide on the colour of the sofa covers. If fabrics with different colours and materials are considered, choosing one fabric is difficult because each has its merits. First, decide on the colour of the sofa protector, then compare fabrics of similar colours from various materials and series.

Sofa cover that fulfills your commitment

A sofa with a strong presence in the living room greatly influences the atmosphere of the interior. If you want to replace the sofa cover, you want to make it a sofa cover that is perfect for your room. Match the colour of the curtains and rugs to create a sense of unity, or use the sofa as an accent colour to add an accent to your room! It's nice to change the cover for spring/summer and autumn/winter depending on the season. The sofa cover determines the impression of the room, so you want to choose the fabric that suits your particular taste. Imperial Rooms more than 5 types of sofa cover style and fabrics, so you are sure to find the fabric that fits your room perfectly. Let's enjoy the interior according to the ideal with a discerning sofa cover.

Durability that fits your lifestyle

Durability is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a fabric for a sofa cover. Imperial Rooms offer a wide range of durable colours. However, even if you say "durability" in one word, the point you want to pay attention to depends on the living environment. For example, durable fabric is perfect for sharpening pet claws in homes with pets. For households with naughty children growing up, fabrics that are soft to the touch and resistant to scratches and tears are recommended. Also, for those who want to relax on the sofa while drinking coffee or wine, we recommend a nano-coated fabric resistant to liquids and stains.

Choosing fabrics that suit your home lifestyle allows you to spend your time on the sofa more comfortably and safely. 

Natural fibre or synthetic fibre to choose the material?

When choosing a sofa cover material, the question is how durable it is versus how comfortable it is. Essentially, fabrics are stiff and often contain synthetic fibres such as polyester. Durability is the priority! Based on our experience, we recommend a fabric with both properties, a mixture of natural materials and synthetic fibres. On the other hand, more comfortable fabrics contain more natural materials and are slightly less durable than synthetics. However, it is characterized by the texture unique to natural materials. Polyester, linen and cotton fabrics will become softer to the touch as you use them.