Plain Dyed Fitted Pillow Covers Purple

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Fitted pillow cases are of great use. They not only make a deep impact in decorating the bed but also give an amazing sense of warmth. Plain Dyed Fitted Pillow Covers Purple are available in the Imperial Rooms. These pillowcases tend to provide sooth affect with relaxation at the optimum level.

Features of Plain Dyed Fitted Pillowcases:

  • Material that is used in this product is Polycotton.
  • It gives the most pleasant as well as comfortable sleep of the night.
  • Extra smoothness is because of the yarn which is lightly spun.
  • More than usual amount of care is given in the manufacturing process of these pillow cases. Reason being, to give maximum amount of comfort.
  • Softness: Fabric retains its natural softness to give you extra luxury.
  • Durability: Capable of withstanding wear and tear or decay, a durable fabric.
  • Cool and Dry: Draws moisture away from skin to help balance body temperature.


  • Size: The standard UK size of pillow cases is, 19" x 29" x 6".
  • Pattern and designs:  Plain fitted .
  • Colors: Twelve different colors are available in this product.
  • Material: Polycotton.
  • Washing care and requirement: Easily Machine and Hand Washable.

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