Extra Deep Fitted Sheets 40CM

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Color: Charcoal
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These extra deep fitted sheets 40cm have been manufactured specifically to ensure restful sleep. Made from the softest microfiber to ensure breathability and a natural feel. Scientifically manufactured so bodily heat is captured and converted into energy by the embedded fabric. For a better, more peaceful, and restorative sleep, the fabric increase circulation and oxygen to your cells.These extra deep fitted sheets provide 40cm of protection for your mattress, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. The breathable fabric is perfect for any season and provides a comfy sleep.


Sizes: Comes in 4 standard sizes.

  • Single: (91 x 190 cm) or (36" x 75"+16").
  • Double: (137 x 190 cm) or (54" x 75"+16").
  • King: (152 x 200 cm) or (60" x 78"+ 16").
  • Super King: (180 x 200 cm) or (71" x 78"+ 16").

Colours: Black, Charcoal, Cream, Grey, Navy, Ochre, Pink, Purple, Red, Light Blue , White , Beige , Peach, Rust & Emerald Green

    Material: Made of 100% Microfiber and this product comes in a variety of colours.

    Washing Guidelines: Machine Washable & Dry Clean 

    Now give an upgrade to your bedding's luxuriousness and elegance with these sleek designed graceful 40cm fitted sheets from Imperial Rooms. These marvelous fitted sheets can be used both in homes and hotel bedrooms to protect the spendy mattresses.

    Extra Deep Fitted Sheets Fits Perfectly With Your Extra Deep Mattress

    When most of the available fitted sheets are traditional and don't fit with an extra deep mattress, Imperial Rooms offer this futuristic extra deep fitted sheet that will fit precisely with your extra deep mattress giving an elegant feel.

    Experience a Premium Luxury

    Imperial Rooms always offer supreme quality products to ensure customer satisfaction. Our experienced professionals work hard to finish these extra deep fitted sheets with intense care and perfection to give your bedding a sense of perfection and luxuriousness. The premier quality stitching and material used ensure our customers feel the right lavish feel.

    Available Sizes

    Available in 4 standard sizes starting from Single: (91 x 190 cm) or (36" x 75"+16"), Double: (137 x 190 cm) or (54" x 75"+16"), King: (152 x 200 cm) or (60" x 78"+ 16") and Super King: (180 x 200 cm) or (71" x 78"+ 16").

    Supreme Quality Material

    This supreme quality 40cm deep fitted sheet comes with supreme quality 100% Microfiber , gathered from world-class manufacturers, ensuring our customers receive a premium quality product delivering the desired lavish feel.

    Trouble-Free Maintenance

    These extra deep fitted sheets from Imperial Rooms need to go through cleaning to keep these clean and hygienic. These fitted sheets can easily be removed and dry cleaned to remove any stains and irritating odors.

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