5 Reason Why Readymade Curtains Are Great Investment

Curtains come under the list of most important home essentials wherever there is going a buzz about home renovation or moving to a new place. Why? Obviously, because they help you get a good night’s slumber and keep your semblance of privacy undisturbed. So, it is paramount to spend more time selecting the new pair of curtains for your place than any other essential item like bed linens or maybe cushions. (Though they are important too).  You are already grumbling your mind over so many things from the get-go, so we come up with better options in curtains for your to save your treasured time and effort. Here, ready-made curtains come in handy and make a significant investment to relax your stuffed and tired mind. Look for the good quality ready-made curtains and see how your living place will transform beautifully without your budget being sacrificed. Moreover, there are other plenty of benefits that come with off-the-shelf curtains. But before that, let's have a look at the premade curtains varieties you will find online.

What Are the Different Ready Made Curtain’s Heading Styles?

There are many different types of ready-made curtains and here we look at some of the most popular types.

Eyelet Curtains

Readymade eyelet curtains help to add elegance and sophistication to the room. Eyelet curtains, without a distrust, are pondered to be an integral facet of the modern room makeover. These are a type of curtain that has a metal ring sewn into the top hem, into which a curtain pole is fitted. The pole then slides through the rings and is supported by them, so they hang quite neatly and straight. The main advantage of eyelet curtains is that they can be easily opened and closed without coming off the pole as they slide directly onto it. This means they don’t bunch up when pulled back to the sides, as happens with other types of curtains.

Why You Should Choose Eyelet Curtains?

  • Gives instant contemporary touch to the room.
  • Easy and smooth sliding.
  • Best for heavy drapes.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Takes up less fabric and space

Drawbacks of Eyelet Curtains

  • Do not work well on delicate fabrics.
  • Low-quality grommets might rust after washing.

Drawbacks of Eyelet Curtains

Drawbacks of Eyelet of Eyelet Curtains

Pencil Pleat Curtains

A classic style for curtains, pleated curtains have either vertical or horizontal folds in the fabric that create a smart, tailored look. This is an older style of the curtain but is still used in many homes today, perhaps because they can suit both modern and more traditional homes. The pleats at the top mean that these curtains can be attached to hooks or clips on a pole or track, and then drawn back when needed. They hang quite well from tracks or poles but do not slide along as smooth as eyelet curtains.

Why You Should Choose Pencil Pleat Curtains?

  • Gives off a traditional style
  • Comes in a variety of styles such as rod pocket, versatile pleat, double box, triple box pleat, and more.
  • Can be hanged through both poles or tracks.
  • Great for heavy-duty fabrics

Drawbacks of Pencil Pleat Curtains

  • Use more fabric and takes more space.
  • Sliding and opening are not as smooth as eyelet curtains.

Tab top Curtains

Eyelet and pencil pleat curtains are the most popular types of heading style but there is another well-known type of curtain heading style available called tab top curtains. It has multiple tabs at the top which are stitched to create a looped hanging effect using curtain rods. Also, they can be hung with thin or thick curtain rods and are very simple to open and close but you might feel some hindrance moving them as the fabric resists the metal rod. However, this design gives a simple and graceful look to lightweight curtains such as silk or sheer curtains.

Why You Should Choose Tab Top Curtains?

  • Use less fabric than pencil pleat.
  • Gives unique, and airy spring vibes.
  • A great choice for traditional homes.

Drawbacks of Tab Top Curtains

  • Less formal than eyelet and pencil pleat style
  • Sliding for opening and closing is difficult.
  • Outdated curtain fashion.

05 Reasons to Invest in Ready-Made Curtains

Ready-made drapes are ideal for everyone who wants to give their living room, bedroom, or kitchen a unique flair. The imperial Room offers a huge collection of ready-made curtains and bedding items that are sure to create a statement in any room! These make-to-measure curtains are an excellent investment if this sounds like you! Moreover, the curtains will impress the guests and family members and they will adore your taste in decor and you definitely want it, right? Imperial Rooms’ curtains are available in both pencil pleat and eyelet heading styles and, provide a plethora of benefits.

Let’s have a look at a few of them.

1.   Save your money

Custom-made curtains are expensive, also they frequently lack the quality of choices and are less long-lasting. Moreover, you have to go shopping from shop to shop to look for the fabric you need, and then customizing the heading style is another hectare. On the other hand, premade curtains are preferable as you need to spend a little money on something already beautifully designed while taking care of your choices and preferences. In addition, that does not require any effort from buying to installation. You will get exactly what type of ready-made curtains you want at Imperial Rooms. Because they're premade and will be installed straight out from the package. Moreover,  they blend in seamlessly with the rest of your decor and are endurable, thus, saving your investment for years to come.

2.   Gives an instant contemporary touch

Ready-made drapes give your place an instant facelift according to your choices and a sense of taste. Everything is made to order, from the cloth to the designs. They're great for children's rooms, game rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Now that you can choose colors and patterns you like, there's no limit to what you can do with ready to hang curtains to give your place a contemporary touch. You can really make your home look like a work of art with ready-made curtains. Another benefit of selecting premade curtains is that you can easily acquire other complementing bedding items for the entire room. For example, you can get matching bedspreads sets, cushions and coverings, rugs, and so on.

3.   Precise measurements that Fit

The fact that your curtains are not custom-made doesn't imply that they won't fit. Many premade curtains come in standard sizes for your windows and doorways, which will be a huge advantage for you if all windows in your home are in standard sizes. It's a simple matter of taking the time to accurately measure your windows before placing an order.  You can easily adjust the length of your curtain by adding or subtracting inches in a few simple steps (or more if you want more precise measurements). Plus they come pre-hemmed so they're ready to hang right out of the box! However, it is not easy to find ready-made curtains that don't need to be altered because of all the conventional measurements and many sizes options. But you will find a huge range of ready-made curtains online to beautifully fit in place.

4.   Easy installation makes them timesavers

Ready-made curtains might save you a lot of time and effort in the long run. Installing ready-made curtains on a pole is easy and means you will cast a brand new impression on the entire place in as little time as an hour. Moreover, purchasing ready-made curtains is way easier than you think. If you like the design and colour pellet of the curtains, there is no need to wait for them to be manually designed or for someone to come to your house and install them for you. They're already ready to hang for your convenience. Moreover, if you are uncertain about the interior decor in your place, you may have a hard time simply picking a fabric. In that case, you can go for premade curtains. That doesn't even take into account picking out a curtain's header, length, or design. Readymade curtains allow you to select from a predetermined number of options and expedite the process of getting your curtains installed, which saves a lot of time ultimately.

5.   Versatile range

In addition to being time savers and inexpensive, these curtains are also versatile and stylish. Ready-made curtains do not always come completely under the range of your choices, but you still have a variety of alternatives to choose from. A wide variety of fabrics, styles, lengths, and linings are available at our online store, imperial rooms. To ensure that your home is always up to date, our ready-made curtains are also designed to reflect the most recent fashions.

Browse the Readymade Curtain Collection at Imperial Rooms

Imperial Rooms introduces ready-made curtains to suit everyone's choices and pocket. As we always recommend our customers choose high-end quality products for their indoor and outdoor settings, we also strive to live up to your expectations. At imperial rooms, you will rest assured that you are purchasing the best quality ready-made curtains for your home and office setups.

Here comes the variety of readymade curtains that we offer you:

  • Ready-made eyelet curtains
  • Ready-made pencil pleat curtains
  • Embossed blackout eyelet curtains
  • Crushed velvet eyelet curtains
  • Glitter sparkle eyelet curtains
  • Diamond shower curtains

So, come straight to us and get all your windows and door curtains dressings in superior quality, stunning colours, and at cheaper rates.