How To Choose the Perfect Fitted Sheets for Your Mattress?

The perfect form, fit, and material of fitted sheets play an important role not only for your cat-naps but also for a good night’s sleep. For those who are having trouble sleeping despite their efforts to improve their night-time routine, their bedding may be to blame.

In this blog, you will find out how to choose a high-quality fitted sheet for your bed for a peaceful night’s sleep! Also, we have included some tips on how to swiftly, simply, and easily measure your mattress size before buying fitted sheets.

In order to keep your heavier bedding (such as a mattress or duvet) looking perfect, fitted sheets and flat sheets are meant to function together, so do not overlook it.

What Are Fitted Sheets?

A fitted sheet is simply a sheet with elasticized corners that fits your mattress and covers it entirely to give a clean and smooth appearance. As a more lightweight alternative to heavy duvets and pillows, fitted sheets keep the mattress in place and are simpler to clean.

Because of this, fitted sheets serve as a luxury sleeping, covering the mattress and a barrier against perspiration, dust, and germs. Check out Imperial Rooms when buying fitted sheets online.

How a Perfect Fitted Sheet Helps You Improve Sleep Quality?

You might have experienced waking up on the bare mattress because your bottom sheets pinged off. Choosing incorrect fitted sheet measurements disturbs your sleep, especially if you share your bed with your partner, like tossing and turning on the bed tangles you up with the wrong sized fitted sheets.

Uncomfortable and unfit sheets can lead to restless nights and a lack of energy the next day. In addition, long-term effects of sleep deprivation include decreased mental and physical performance.

For a good night's sleep, fitted sheets are the finest investment you can make aside for taking care of your comfort and physical health. Adjusting your bedtime routine and sleeping surroundings greatly help alleviate a bad night's rest.

As you know that sleep is so important, so investing in a high-quality, clean, and the comfortable fitted sheet is well worth it.

Tucking a fitted sheet is way easier than trying a small sheet onto a big mattress. You may face the same disappointment if the fitted sheets don't fit properly, and they will fall straight off the mattress.

Therefore, choosing the correct fitted sheet for your bed has become increasingly difficult as mattresses get thicker and mattress toppers are more common now.

The secret is to measure your mattress accurately and then carefully study sheet packets as each sheet manufacturer company defines regular, deep-pocket, and extra deep-pocket sheets in their own way.

Wait for a second? Are you confused about choosing deep and extra deep fitted sheets? Do you even know the difference? If not, lets me explain to you.

What Is the Difference Between Deep and Extra Deep Fitted Sheets?

In most cases, sheet packing does not provide the correct sheet depth or pocket measurement, which might confuse you. In such a scenario, look for depth specifications like "regular," "deep," or "extra deep."

Deep-fitted sheets, on the other hand, are made for mattresses that are at least 15 inches in height. For mattresses with a depth ranging from 16 to 22 inches, you must choose extra-deep fitted sheets.

Regular mattress thickness typically ranges from 10 to 14 inches, and one can easily find a regular fitted sheet that fits properly.

On the other hand, a mattress having a thickness above 20 inches is tricky to deal with. Undoubtedly, the thick mattresses are great for ultimate comfort, and extra deep fitted sheets are the only way to complete your bedding comfort. 

The extra-deep fitted sheets are designed to cover today’s thicker and heavy mattresses entirely, as these mattresses often come with mattress pads, mattress toppers, and pillow toppers.

You might fail in finding the right size fitted sheets for your mattress; if so, choose a greater sized fitted sheet both in height and depth and tuck the extra fabric under the mattress.

Measure Your Mattress for Sheets

To get ultimate relaxation and comfort in your bed, it is important to choose the right kind and size of bedding for you. Choosing the deep fitted sheets for the mattress must start with measuring the height of your mattress.

Just like you would take care of every little measurement for baking a cake to end up with an even and tasty flavor. The same goes while measuring the mattress size for the accurate-sized deep-fitted sheets to avoid any hassle of unfitting and returning it.

First, measuring the mattress thickness is significant, and to get the most accurate measurements, start from its height. There are a variety of mattress heights available in the market from thin to thick, and some have the capability to swell up because of their pillow top.

So, along with the height, you must measure the sides of the mattresses as well. Without further ado, follow the below-mentioned easy steps to measure a mattress.

  • Begin at the maximum height of the mattress, set a horizontal line with the measuring tape that reaches beyond the mattress edge.
  • Make absolutely sure that the measuring tape is horizontal, and it is not affecting the shape of the mattress while gently pressing down.
  • In the same way, measure the bottom of the mattress.
  • If your measurements are greater than 12 inches, you must go for deep-fitted sheets.

Choose the suitable fabric for fitted sheets?

With so many bedding options on the market, it is easy for you to choose the fabric for fitted sheets according to your preference. Also, there are lots of choices available, with numerous colours, styles, and patterns for you to select from. The enormous variety in fabrics helps you in plenty of ways to transform your bedroom with just a perfect fitted sheet set.

o Egyptian cotton

When it comes to fitted sheets, nothing beats Egyptian cotton. Its softness, durability, and breathability make it stand out among others. One hundred percent pure Egyptian cotton sheets have a soft feel because of the unique drape of Egyptian cotton itself. This is because Egyptian cotton has extremely long staples, which implies that each individual fibre is quite long, strong, and fine.


Among the rich, ultra-soft, and premium cosy fabrics, microfiber sheets are a top option. Ultra-thin fibres in this synthetic material offer it outstanding durability and a silky feel that surpasses silk.

In comparison to cotton or linen sheets, microfiber sheets are popular among customers who appreciate the option of a different material to sleep on. As far as budget-friendly sheets go, microfiber will be your new best bedding buddy. Moreover, it is soft and easy to launder fabric to ensure a relaxing sleep.


You will experience a wonderful night's sleep on silk because it moisturizes your skin, reduces wrinkles, and keeps your hair healthy. An excellent choice for a fitted sheet for your bed in the summer because of its ability to regulate your body's temperature.


Linen fabric fitted sheets are best to give your bed all a country feels instantly. Its hypoallergenic and natural cooling properties are just perfect for hot sleepers and those having allergic issues. Although linen looks great on the bed, its stiffness may act as its downfall.


The 100 percent pure polyester may feel rough against the skin, however, its blend provides a soft, cosy, and higher level of comfort at night time. Polyester is one of the most affordable choices for the fitted sheets as it is easy to clean, fade, and wrinkle-resistant, reducing the need to iron the sheets after washing.

Why Choose Imperial Rooms When Buying Fitted Sheets?

Imperial Rooms is a famous bedding store online that manufactures premium quality bedding products at highly affordable prices. Its extra deep fitted sheets are made particularly for today’s modern design to fit thick mattresses to 25cm depth.

Imperial Rooms makes these fitted sheets with tightly woven 100 percent original microfibers featuring high-end silk-smooth touch and water repellent capabilities. As it protects your expensive mattresses from moisture, spills, and dust; thus, lasts for years to come.

Moreover, the prime elasticized pockets keep these fitted sheets in place for longer, and it does not come off that easy. Like everything else on the website, the extra deep fitted sheets come in a variety of colours so that you can use them as a bedsheet as well for your ease, available in all standard sizes, single, double, king, and super king.


Good night’s sleep is important, so you need to invest in your bedding products mindfully. Take start from the high-quality deep fitted sheets, and experience an amazing, restorative sleep with tossing, turning, and sweating. From high-quality fabric to its appropriate size according to mattress, everything matters to achieve a perfect modern look for your bedroom.

We have mentioned some most common fabrics used for fitted sheet bedding to stylize your rest and sleep. Before going to shop, measure your mattress size first to avoid any hassle and time wastage.

Bear in mind that synthetic fabrics are the best option for the healthiest and restful sleep experience, and Imperial Rooms is the best place to buy blissful cosy extra deep fitted sheets.


  1. What depth is a normal fitted sheet?

The normal fitted sheet is the standard one that fits a mattress having a height of about 12 inches. If it does not fit your mattress, you need to go for some extra deep pocket fitted sheets.

  1. What are the different types of fitted sheets?

Types of fitted sheets are categorized according to pocket sizes which are measured according to the mattress depth, e.g., standard, deep, and extra deep.

  • Standard fitted sheets: for mattresses having up to 12 inches height
  • Deep fitted sheets: for mattresses having up to 15 inches height
  • Extra deep fitted sheets: for mattresses having up to 16 to 22 inches height
  1. Who sells fitted sheets?

There are many online bedding stores that sell fitted sheets but before falling for low quality, the cheapest option, visit Imperial Rooms online as they are masters in producing bedding products for your restful night sleep.

  1. What does an extra deep fitted sheet mean?

Extra deep fitted sheets mean the fitted sheets have extra-deep pockets to cover up the entire mattress and fit perfectly to give your bed a sleek and smooth appearance.

  1. What depth are extra deep fitted sheets?

Extra deep fitted sheets are sheets with the highest depth, just as their name indicates.  These sheets have deep pockets, usually between 18 to 25 inches. It is best to measure your mattress first and make sure you choose fitted sheets accordingly.

  1. What is the largest depth of a fitted sheet?

The depth of fitted sheets varies according to mattress sizes. However, the largest depth of a fitted sheet is up to 17 inches that covers the thickest heavier mattress, and it is called extra deep pocket fitted sheets.

  1. Do I need a fitted sheet?

It totally depends on the mattress you have. Measure your mattress first, and you will know which fitted sheets are best for your mattress. Keep in mind that choose a sheet at 2 to 3 inches deeper than the mattress thickness as it tucks in properly and does not come off at night.

  1. What are deep pocket sheets for?

Nowadays, the latest tight top mattresses are made thicker or accommodate with extra pillow toppings or Euro-top. For such mattresses, manufacturers made deep pocket sheets.

  1. Can you wash fitted sheets?

Fitted sheets are absolutely washable, however, read the care label before washing them. Polyester, cotton, and linen fabric can perfectly tolerate warm water. It is recommended to wash fitted sheets once every other week to kill germs and dust mites that thrive in bedding.

  1. Can you put fitted sheets in the dryer?

Always wash fitted sheets using a gentle machine wash and air dry is recommended. However, they can also be dried on low drying settings in a dryer as well.