5 Surprising Facts You Might Not Know About Fitted Sheets

Goodbye, wrinkled, ill-fitting bedding now. It's time to bring fitted sheets into the 21st century. The fitted sheet is a staple of today's bedroom. Fitted sheets are a type of bedding. Rather than having four separate corners that fit loosely over the mattress, they're designed to wrap around the entire mattress, with elastic sewn into the bottom. Fitted sheets can help keep your bed from creaking and squeaking. The top is flat and square, much like a traditional sheet.

Here are five unexpected ways that fitted sheets are better than flat sheets, but first have a look at the difference between flat sheets and fitted sheets. 

Difference Between Flat Sheets and Fitted Sheets 

Most flat sheets are made with a single layer of fabric — they're thin, but also light enough to move around every time you do. If this is happening on top of an old mattress, it can cause the springs to squeak and creak when you lie down. Fitted sheets help prevent this by staying in place and keeping your bedding tight on top of your mattress. They're like a cozy covering for your mattress. A fitted sheet makes it easy to change your bedding — even when you don't have much time.

5 Surprising Facts About Fitted Sheets

The right fitted sheet can help you sleep better, keep your bed looking nice, and even make cleaning your bed easier. Here are five surprising facts you might not hear about fitted sheets. So, without further ado, let's dive straight into this. 

1. A Brief History of the Fitted Sheet

Before the fitted sheet, there was just one flat sheet on top of you while you slept. In fact, this is still the norm in many countries. But the first time, an African American Bertha Berman came up with the idea of putting elastic around the corners and sides of a sheet, and here’s when a revolution in bedmaking began.

She was proud of her invention and patented it which was filed in 1959. The patent described an "elasticized bedsheet," which we know as a fitted sheet today. Berman’s patent also included details about how to cut different fabrics for these sheets and standard sizes for mattresses (which haven't changed much since then). 

Back then, her idea was not appreciated as the fitted sheets used to pop up on the mattress after some hours of sleep. 

After a few years, a Canadian housewife named Giselle Jubinville tried to sew extra deep fitted sheets at home with deep elastic garters. Without a doubt, these fitted sheets were a perfect fit for mattresses and stay put for longer than the previous ones. 

She was rejected three times by the patent office because they didn’t want to give this product a second chance. Then she decided to move to Washington and display her invention in beautiful designs on mattresses. 

 2. Different Types of Fitted Sheets 

A fitted bed sheet is a type of bed linen designed to keep it in place on your mattress. It's typically made from cotton, polyester, or another breathable material that feels soft against your skin and absorbs moisture as you sleep. You might not have known this fact, but there are three different types of fitted sheets. The type of fitted sheets depends on the variety of thickness that is used to cover the mattresses. 

  • Standard Fitted Sheets
  • Standard is the most common type and fits mattresses up to 7 to 15 inches of thickness.

  • Deep Pocket Fitted Sheets
  • The deep fitted sheets fit mattresses anything over 14 inches and up to 18" thickness. 

  • Extra Deep Fitted Sheets
  • Fitted sheets that come with depth over 15 inches and fit mattresses up to 22" thickness perfectly.

    Imperial Rooms is delivering both deep fitted sheets and extra deep fitted sheets to a snug fit your mattresses. Its strong elasticized corners stay put on for longer and do not slide off, offering you a peaceful night's sleep. 

     3. Thread Count for the Fitted Sheets

    A long time ago, many people assumed that the greater the thread count, the higher the quality of the fabric of the sheets. Many researchers found that the amount of lateral and vertical threads in a single inch isn't all you need to know about the best sheets prior to buying one. 

    As a result, thread count is no longer the most important consideration in the shopping experience. In order to have the endurance you need without sacrificing the quality and feel, you need a high enough thread count to make a suitable weave. In order to guarantee that the weave is tight enough for long-lasting luxury, you must stick with the best fitted sheets having thread counts of 250 or higher.

    4. Benefits of Using Fitted Sheets 

    Fitted sheets are made to fit snugly over the top of your bed. This can be beneficial in many ways.

    1. Keep your mattress clean

    A fitted sheet is like a little tent over your mattress, protecting it and your bedding from sweat that might otherwise seep through your sheets and ruin them. Putting simple words, the best-fitted sheets are a great investment to protect your expensive mattress. 

    1. Make your bed easier to make

    You don't have to worry about making your bed every day. Since they hug your mattress, the sheets won't slip off or come loose while you sleep.  Fitted sheets are also easier to put on because they don't require as much tucking and straightening as flat sheets do. If you want to learn how to make a bed with fitted sheets, check this blog post.

    1. Give you better sleep

    Fitted sheets can hold their corners better than flat sheets. Instead of the sheet riding up on one side of the bed, it stays put, keeping you comfy, better sleep (and warm) all night. This is a big advantage if you toss and turn throughout the night or have a restless partner who moves around in their sleep.

    1. You'll get fewer crumbs in your bed.

    Everyone eats in bed sometimes, right? The good news is that with a fitted sheet, you can easily pick up the crumbs that fall onto the sheet rather than wait until you strip the bed and wash everything. (Just be sure to wash it every now and then, too.)

    1. Aesthetically perfect 

    Fitted sheets are the most practical invention for sleepers that make your bedroom look perfect too. They give your bedroom a neat and tidy ambiance without breaking your bank. Check out the best-fitted sheets at Imperial Rooms that come in a variety of standard bed sizes, including; single, double, king, and super king.  You will find an extensive collection of stunning fitted sheets out there. 

    5. Warnings to Keep in Mind

    Fitted sheets should be used with extreme caution by parents due to the significant danger of SIDS and newborns suffocating in their sleep. A child's life might be put in trouble if the fitted sheet doesn't fit snuggly around their bed. Fitted sheets alleviate the problem of the sheet falling off the mattress, however, folding fitted sheets might be a new concern. Fitted sheets are difficult to fold. Rather than using the outside sheet edges to fold the fitted sheet, utilize the corner pockets of the sheet instead, tucking away any surplus fabric. 

    Wrapping up 

    The sheets you choose play a huge part in determining how well you sleep. However, most people don't give their bedding much thought. Many struggles to pick the right sheets for their beds, which can result in an uncomfortable night's sleep. Fitted sheets offer a number of benefits, which can help you sleep better at night. Before getting your hands on fitted sheets you need to know the above-mentioned facts about fitted sheets. In a nutshell, fitted sheets are a great investment for your mattress you can make to enjoy a restful and relaxing sleep all night.  


    Can you wash fitted sheets?

    Yes, fitted sheets are like any other bed sheets that can be washed in a regular machine cycle. The water temperature and detergent power should be chosen while taking the fabric quality into consideration. It is suggested to wash your fitted sheets once or twice a week. 

    Are fitted sheets good?

    Fitted sheets are great for your kids' bedroom because they significantly lessen the chances of falling while playing over the bed. Moreover, fitted sheets are a great choice as it saves a bunch of time putting on as compared to flat sheets. Not to mention, fitted sheets are available in an enormous variety of stunning colours and exquisite designs. 

    When were fitted sheets introduced?

    Fitted sheets are not new. The use of fitted sheets was even observed in the 1950s for the first time. But today’s fitted sheets possess strong elasticized corners that dont slip or slide off mattresses that easily. 

    How are fitted sheets supposed to fit?

    Hold one side of the fitted sheet over the top right-hand corner of the bed, dragging it underneath the mattress. If there is a gap on the edge of the fitted sheet, it should release at the top of the mattress.

    How to iron fitted sheets?

    You can best iron your fitted sheets while they are still wet. It is the best way to get the best ironing results. To get rid of the persistent wrinkles, some advise using a very hot iron. To save effort, fold your sheets vertically in half and iron them.

    What fitted sheets do hotels use?

    High-thread-count linens are preferred by hotels because they are more comfortable, airier, and less likely to wrinkle. The thread count of hotel cotton percale sheets ranges from 250 to 600, whereas the thread count of hotel cotton sateen sheets is from 300 to 600.

    Can you put fitted sheets in the dryer?

    Yes, fitted sheets can be dried in the drier. Tie two loose knots at the ends of the elastic to make a fitted sheet.