Choose the Best Bedspreads for Your Bedroom

The bedroom is your personal place that showcases your personality, taste, and choices through its interior décor. That’s right, you must be more concerned about your bedroom décor than any other corner of your home.

Typically, you spend 7 to 8 hours sleeping in your bedroom and it is a place you prefer to rush towards when you feel tired and exhausted. It all boils down to the bedroom sanctuary that must make you feel at home, completely relaxed, and comfortable.

That is where beautiful and modern bedding can make a huge difference. The simple addition of the bedspread introduces a captivating accent to a dull and boring bedroom. Before we tell how can bedspreads transform your bedroom, you need first to fly understand that what are bedspreads? So, let's dive straight into it.

What are Bedspreads?

Bedspreads are often confused with bed sheets because when you search for a typical term for bedspreads, you will find it under the vast category of blankets. However, bedspreads are something different from bed sheets, blankets, comforters, quilts, and duvets.

Generally, bedspreads are lightweight and thinner than a blanket as the filling used in bedspreads is relatively more light but thick. Bedspreads serve two significantly important roles in your bedding.

  • First, it is placed on top of your bedsheets, giving your bedroom an extraordinarily aesthetic appearance.
  • Secondly, it helps you cope in winters as they keep you warm and comfortable for a restful sleep.

A complete bedspread set comes with matching pillow shams to accessorize your bedding in a handsome way. Read on further to know how can a bedspread help you transform your bedroom.

The Difference between a Bedspread and a Bed Sheet

We use a bedspread to dress up our beds when they aren't in use; on the other hand, a bed sheet is a rectangular piece of cloth that you place on top of or below your mattress. More briefly, we are mentioning some more differences to make clearer for you so that you will never be confused again.

  • Bedspread is a decorative bedding item whereas a bed sheet is used to protect the mattress.
  • Bedspread provides warmth and cosiness on colder nights whereas a bedsheet is placed above the mattress.
  • Bedspreads are thicker and heavier whereas bed sheet is lighter.
  • Bedspreads are more expensive as compared to bed sheets.
  • Bedspreads tend to cover the bed and hang around whereas a bed sheet is tucked around the mattress.
  • Bedspreads need special care for cleaning whereas a bed sheet is easy to clean.

How Bedspreads can transform your Bedroom?

Here are the five ways a bedspread can transform your bedroom into an updated, luxurious and comfortable place for a peaceful night's sleep.

1. Breath a new life into your bedroom with a bedspread.

Once you have chosen the best bedspread for your bedroom, you can make it up with the other bedroom interiors to give it a more modern look. A complete bedspread set is a perfect way to make the focal corner of your home an exceptional, peaceful, and relaxed corner.

2. Do not forget the pillows

A bedspread with matching pillow shams will introduce further details to your bedding interior. In addition, a comfortable, soft, gentle-to-skin pillow cover makes it a perfect, cosy, and serene place for resting.

3. Choose colours that define you.

You must choose attractive yet classic colours and patterns because it gives your room a brand-new look every time you change your bedding. First and foremost, choose the colours of your choice that make you happy or cheer up your mood.

4. Match and mix it with other room interiors.

In addition, colours matter a lot to make or break your entire interior decor, so you must be careful choosing them. Also, you can mix and match your bedspread colour with room interior such as paint colour, curtains, textured wallpapers, and furniture, etc.

5. Bring calmness with proper lightning.

A soft, cosy, and luxurious bedspread with dim lights, what a priceless combination. Isn't it?  Everything settles down with the dim light, and the bedroom is the place to rest, and setting it right for rest is the key.

Dim lights that give soft illumination without creating dark shadows are a treat for your tiredness and make you fall asleep as soon as possible. So, the role of lightning must never be ignored, if you really want to make a huge difference.

Things to consider before buying a bedspread.

It's important to consider the below-mentioned things while looking for the best bedspreads to buy while keeping the quality and budgets into consideration.

It covers the type and size of bedspread you need, the fabric and filling material used in manufacturing, the colour or pattern, and if any other bedding product is included with the bedspread, etc. So, here is something important to learn more about the finest bedspreads for your needs, as there are a lot of things to bear in mind.

  • Never Compromise on Quality

Believe it or not, quality comes first when it comes to any bedding product be it a bedsheet, blanket, mattress, or bedspread.  Choose from the best quality bedspread you can afford that must be durable and help you style your bedroom after several washes.

The material that is used to make a bedspread must have the following three properties.

  • Highly insulative
  • Aesthetic compatibility
  • Easy to cleaning and maintenance
  • Bedspread Filling Material

Bedspreads can be filled with a variety of filler materials such as down fibre, wool, silk, cotton, and polyester. Some people are allergic to natural filling fibres, especially down fibres and cotton.

Among them, polyester is the only man-made fibre with breathable, durable, and warm properties. We have discussed each of them separately so you can have knowledge before making a purchase.

Down Fibre Filling Bedspreads


The bedspread filling, the inside filler material plays a significant role in their insulative properties. Down fibre, which is considered the softest material also famous for its insulating characteristics, is commonly used to make heavy winter bedspread filing.

When it comes to comfort, nothing beats the fluff, lightness, and rich feel that come with 100% pure down fibre.

Cotton Filling Bedspreads

cotton bedspreads

Cotton is the second famous commonly used natural material used to make filling for most bedding products. It is known for its easy maintenance and luxurious feel. When looking for an easy washing and wrinkle resistance material, cotton is a superior choice to other filler choices.

Wool Filling Bedspreads

wool bedspreads

Sheep's Wool filling is also used worldwide as a bedspread filler material that gives maximum warmth while wicking away moisture and preventing overheating.

It has excellent natural anti-inflammatory properties that make it stand out. Not just that, wool filler material is totally washable and easy to care for. Compared to other fibre fillings, a wool filler bedspread has a heavier appearance, making it appropriate for winterized places.

Silk Filling Bedspreads

silk bedspreads

Silk, the natural fabric produced by the silkworm is one of the most expensive filler materials that is known for its rich and ultra-soft texture.

Similar to Wool, Silk filling is very breathable, moisture-wicking, and antimicrobial. Because of its hypoallergenic and anti-inflammatory properties, it can be best for people who may be sensitive to wool.

Silk is a luxurious bedspread filling that is long-lasting and can be used all year round.

Those who are sensitive to wool or down fibres but still want the cosiness of a silk-filled bedspread will love adding this to your bedroom.

Polyester Filling Bedspreads


For a variety of reasons, polyester is also a common synthetic material to be used in manufacturing bedspreads. And what’s more, it's more long-lasting, allowing you to get more use out of your purchase.

Most of the bedspreads are frequently filled with polyester batting because it is purely synthetic. Most people have allergic reactions to natural materials such as cotton and down fibre, here is where polyester comes in handy.

So, Which Material Is Best to Choose for Your Bedding?

Now, as a matter of fact, it is possible to give your bedroom a desired aesthetic impact with a polyester bedspread, which is insulative, easy to care for and anti-allergic, and excellent for the warmer seasons.

Fabric Variety in Bedspreads

Enough of filling talk, let’s move to the fabric material used to make the top covering of the bedspread. The top bedspread covering is what plays a significant role in making bedspreads more decorative, trendy, and classic.

Whereas the inner filling of the bedspread is an important factor for insulation purposes. You will be amazed to know that bedspreads can also be categorized or named after the fabric material used.

  • Cotton Bedspreads


Do you want a less expensive high-quality bedspread? You must choose a cotton bedspread that offers you everything including comfort, relaxation, peace, and rest at night. The cotton bedspreads feel gentle to the skin and are the best choice for moderate temperatures.

  • Velvet Bedspreads

velvet bedspreads

Velvet Bedspreads, the richest and luxurious fabric made from silk is one of the most commonly used fabrics in bedding for ages. Crushed velvet is typically used to make high-quality bedspreads for heavy winters.

  • Microfiber Bedspreads

microfbric bedspreads

Microfiber in bedding is noted for its soft, durable, and anti-allergic properties. These bedspreads are your best bedding partner if you are looking for something classic, easy to clean, and budget-friendly.

  • Patchwork Bedspreads

patchwork bedspreads

The trend of patchwork fabric can never get old. Patchwork bedspreads give your bedroom a little more decorative touch than a simple microfiber bedspread. It is soft, fluffy, and long-lasting fabric, best to choose for making a bedspread.

  • Jacquard Bedspreads

bedspreads sets

Jacquard, the heaviest, expensive, and versatile fabric that introduces the luxurious style in your bedroom. The jacquard bedspreads are less likely to wrinkle, thus long-lasting. You can achieve your desired decorative touch by choosing a jacquard bedspread.

Size Guide for Bedspreads (Size Guide Chart)

Size guideline

Bedspread can be found in a variety of sizes. All you need to do is choose according to your bed size to give your bed a classic finished look. Here are a few bedspread sizes that are generally made with standard measurements.

  • Twin Bedspread

          This bedspread comes in 167x223 cm width and length.

  • Single Bedspread

          This bedspread comes in 170 x 230cm width and length.

  • Double Bedspread

         This bedspread comes in 220 x 240cm width and length.

  • King Bedspread

         This bedspread comes in 230 x 250cm width and length.

  • Super King Bedspread

         This bedspread comes in 240 x 270cm width and length.

Types Of Bedspreads

A bedspread is typically is placed above the bed sheets and covers the whole bed when not in use. If we are being honest, a bedspread is used usually for aesthetic purposes regardless of the other properties it has.

There are different types of bedspreads that are both decorative and excellent in functionalities as well. So, before switching your whole bedroom setting, start with choosing a beautiful bedspread to orientate your bedroom and make a big difference in your bedroom decor.

Reversible bedspreads

Reversible bedspreads can make your room more aesthetic as they can be switched and used from both sides. This unique feature makes reversible bedspreads more elegant, durable, and the perfect choice for your bedroom. The reversible bedspreads are cost-friendly, smart, and practical.

Candlewick Bedspreads

Candlewick bedspreads are one of the oldest types of bedspreads that is still trendy in the 21st century. These bedspreads are rich in textures and provide unexpected warmness in winters. Most people prefer using these bedspreads for aesthetic purposes but they are great in providing warmth as well.

Quilted Bedspreads

Quilted bedspreads are one of the most preferred types of bedspreads and are named due to the chic French country-style stitching. Made from warmer materials, they pop up your bedroom decor perfectly alone and provide you with ultimate peaceful sleep because of their fluffiness and softness.

Quilted bedspreads might be an expensive choice but their luxurious texture and warm feel are worth every single penny.

Knitted Bedspreads

Knitted bedspreads are also known for their decorative and fancy finishing, just like candlewick bedspreads. These bedspreads are knitted by hand featuring the most traditional designs. People like these bedspreads because of their plain, unpretentious and exclusive designs.


It is another type of bedspread that is woven with intricate designs, perfect for decorating your bedroom in a modern way. Although throws bedspreads look expensive you can find a good quality throw bedspread at a reasonable price. In short, this bedspread is an excellent choice for people who want a rich, luxurious, and cosy feel while being on a budget.

Why Imperial Room Is the Best Place to Buy Bedspreads?

Now you literally know everything about the bedspreads and you must be interested in buying a masterpiece for your bedroom. So, without further ado, you can visit the Imperial Room’s website to find the best bedspread of your choice.

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This online bedding store serves its best to offer its customers premium quality products in a wide range of collections.  You can choose a cotton quilted bedspread, jacquard bedspread, and polyester quilted bedspreads, that feature the high-quality 100 percent pure filling material to make them hypoallergic, hygienic, and fluff.

In addition, you will have multiple options in colours, designs, sizes, and prices. Ever you choose, it will be of premium quality and help you makeover your room up to a standard.

The Takeaway

The bedspreads cover the entire bed and act as the most crucial bedding item to give your room a new look. So, here’s the fact that bedspreads play a significant role both aesthetically and functionally.

In this post, we have elaborated on every tiny detail that needs your consideration before you choose a bedspread for your bedroom. From bedspread sizes to designs and from its types to filling material, everything is mentioned above in detail.

If you are interested in buying a beautiful bedspread set, visit the Imperial Rooms official website and find what you want. Hope this guide will help you.


1.What are bedspreads used for?

    Bedspreads are used as a decorative bedding item on top of the bedsheets. It is commonly used to make your bedding an enhanced, luxurious, and rich look when the bed is not in use. Moreover, bedspreads cover the entire bed and touch the ground.

    2.How to use a bedspread?

    As I have already mentioned many times in the post above, bedspreads are used above the bedsheets. Just place it over your bed and enjoy the rich modern look without a hitch.

     3.How to wash a bedspread?

    When it comes to cleaning and washing the bedspread, dry cleaning is recommended but not in every case. You need first to check out the care instructions that come with the package and follow them accordingly.

    4.How often you should wash a bedspread?

    It is recommended to wash bedspreads two to three times per year to make them look cleaner, fresh, and allergen-free. As the bedspreads are easy to care for, so you can simply prolong the bedspreads life for years to come.

    5.What are bedspreads made of?

    There is no one particular material to make bedspreads. Typically, bedspreads are made from an outer covering and filler material.

    6.Can you wash a bedspread that says dry clean only?

    It is best to read care instructions mindfully before washing your bedspreads. You must not wash a bedspread that says dry clean only, however, it also depends on the fabric quality.

    Bedspreads made of cotton, polyester, and linens can be washed. If you feel that your bedspread needs a wash and it can bear a washing machine cycle, you can go for it by using a gentle detergent.

    7.Where to buy bedspreads online?

    There are numerous bedding stores to buy bedspreads online that makes it difficult to choose an authentic and original one. You can visit the Imperial Room’s website to buy the best quality bedspread in colours and sizes of your choice.

    8.Do you sleep under a bedspread?

    Yes, of course, bedspreads are not only designed to decor your bedroom but also serves as a comforter to sleep in.

    9.Are bedspreads out of style?

    No, bedspreads are never out of style. Bedspread is the latest trend in your bedding decor and many interior designers pick a fancy bedspread to give your bedroom a contemporary appearance.

    10.Why are bedspreads hard to find?

    Quality comes with a price, if you want a bedspread of high quality, you have to pay more for it. This is the reason why people think that it is hard to find a bedspread, but in reality, it is not. You can find the best quality bedspreads on the Imperial Room’s website at very affordable prices.