Sofa Cover: How To Select The Right Protection For Your Furniture?


  1. Look for models that look like you and fall within your budget
  2. Take the dimensions of your sofa for stretching
  3. Opt for a cover with resistant and durable fabric

The sofa cover is an exciting alternative to protect while avoiding replacing your furniture. When it is well chosen, this accessory makes it possible to enhance the sofa and modify its function and appearance. It doesn't matter if it's an old or a new sofa. You can use the slipcovers to extend the life of the new sofa, rejuvenate the old sofa and save both from spills, stains and other household messes. They are economical and easy to maintain. To find the perfect model according to your needs, you have to take note of the tips presented in this article.


Lifestyle is an important parameter in choosing the right sofa cover. You must select a model that is compatible with your use of your sofa. If, for example, you are used to receiving people at home, you will need a model with a resistant and durable fabric that will not wear out over time. If, as a bonus, the sofa is used as a sleeper on occasion, you will surely appreciate the antimicrobial characteristics of specific categories of cover. Reversible covers also attract users. Daily, another category has been adopted by consumers, in particular, parents and owners of pets. These are the waterproof sofa cover models that resist stains more effectively.

Semi-custom, ready-to-use, less expensive, and machine-safe covers are available on the market. All these qualities make them practical accessories that are compatible with most households. They are designed with standard sofa sizes and used as extra layers (must be tucked in and pinned to sofa fabric). The term semi-custom means that the non-slipcovers are made to match specific sofa Imperial Rooms.

The term personalized is used to qualify the tailor-made covers created by the customer. This means that before manufacturing, you can choose a unique model for your sofa, with the type of fabric you want, the colour and the style that best represents you. This type of custom-made cover undergoes a dry cleaning, making it more fragile than its mass-produced companions. So, everything will depend on your desires and your lifestyle. You must, therefore, clearly define your selection criteria.


Whether you have a sectional sofa or a loveseat, you need to find a cover that can adhere perfectly to the surface of your furniture. To reduce the time spent smoothing, arranging, and stretching slipcover fabric, you need to find one that has a good stretch-to-shrink resistance ratio. Know that a cover that covers the cushion well and does not crease makes the sofa impenetrable and, above all, durable. So you have to choose between a stretchy and a casual model.

The challenge here is to carefully measure the sofa's dimensions, including the length between the outer arms, the depth from front to back, and the height from the top of the seat to the floor. You also need to determine if the furniture cushions are straight (square) or rounded (wrapped around the armrests). In this article titled "  How to measure a sofa for a slipcover",? You will find more information on the dimensions of the accessory.

The sizing of the cover is essential in that you should avoid models that give you a hard time when you have to remove them to wash them. Choose covers that you can put on and take off quickly. If you're struggling to find the best fit, check out How to Put a Slipcover on a Couch?  


The quality of the fabric of a cover is very important. It determines the ability of the accessory to protect the sofa for a long time. The strongest fabrics are those made from a blend of twill, cotton, canvas and spandex. Also, pay attention to the material of your sofa fabric. For example, if it is a leather sofa, you should choose a cover made of natural fibres that do not absorb moisture so as not to damage the sofa's leather.

Ideally, avoid heavy covers made of chenille or velor. They are not stretchable and will not adapt properly to your furniture. A downside that could jeopardize the durability of the cover. For your outdoor furniture (sofa installed on a porch or patio), choose coatings that are water resistant.

You will surely see polyester and microfiber covers on the market. Although they are easy to adjust, they are often too light and, therefore, not strong enough. This is also the case with stretch suede and microsuede covers. The woolen and silk models are beautiful and sophisticated but less durable than the other types.