Curtain Poles, A Great Way to Furnish a Dull and Boring Place.
You may find it tricky to hang curtains on windows and doorways because not every curtain can be treated the same way. The fashion of using curtain rods and rails is never too old. The term curtain rode is often taken as separate things, but actually, they are the same. 

The curtain poles are now widely used in their replacement. Undoubtedly, both are excellent options, but it all depends on your needs and preferences, you may use one over the other.

Curtain poles play a significant role in your overall interior decor. Curtain poles not only serve as a decorative element but also it has great functionalities. That is why you must choose curtain poles for your curtains mindfully.

To make your decision a little bit easier, we come up with a blog post that would definitely help you make the right decision. In this guide, we are going to mention the following facts;

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What Are Curtain Poles?

A curtain pole, also named as a curtain rail, curtain rod, and a traverse rod, is simply a rod, either solid or hollow, and used to hang curtains over the windows, doorways, or wherever curtains might be a necessity to use.

You can use curtain poles instead of hanging your curtains in the traditional manner. A curtain pole, when paired with the high-quality fabric and finials, can be a beautiful design highlight in any room. There are many ways to use curtain poles, usually above the windows, and they can be used in almost any corner of the home to make it look complete.

Curtain poles are often confused with curtain tracks, so their difference must be clear because they are not the same. Although both are the same in functionality, when it comes to appearance, there is a huge difference.

Difference between curtain poles and curtain tracks


Curtain poles serve as the traditional curtain accessories made either from metal, wood, or any other material having customized options for finials and other details.

Poles are chosen according to your curtain headings, and there is a wide variety of headings available in the market, such as eyelet curtains and tab top or many others.

Poles are useful in the case of hanging heavier, thicker, and long curtains because the pole and bracket system is strongly supporting the curtain and holding it in place.


Curtain tracks come in corded and uncorded types, unlike the curtain poles, they use the internal tracking system, which makes them less ornamental. Typically, curtain tracks come with a pair of clips along their length, letting you simply hang your curtains with a little metal or plastic hook.

Corded tracks are best suitable for the high ceilings and bay windows because they can be opened and closed using a pull cord. Curtain tracks provide smooth gliding; thus, the curtains are the only thing that is visible to you.

Eyelet or tab top curtains cannot be hung with tracks; however, gathered and pleated versions work great on them.

Types to consider before buying curtain poles

Types of Curtain poles

If you are looking for a curtain pole, the first step is to figure out the material you want as there is a wide variety of materials available in the market. Curtain poles made of metal or wood are the most prevalent ones.

Aside from the standard materials, there are wrought iron curtain poles and acrylic curtain poles. It's all about personal preference, its look, and the style you want when it comes to choosing material.

Metal Curtain Poles

A variety of different metals are used to make metal curtain poles, however, the most common metals used for this purpose are gold, rose, gold, wrought iron, nickel, chrome, silver, stainless steel, and brass.

Metal curtain poles are more modern as their shinny smooth antique surface goes perfectly well with more classic decor. Additionally, metal curtain poles tend to be more functional than any other type of curtain pole. For instance, eyelet curtains hang more smoothly on a metal pole than a wood pole.

Wooden Curtain Poles

Wooden curtain rods are available in a wide range variety, making them a versatile addition to any interior home design. Most of the wooden curtain poles are made from oak, walnut, cherry, and most importantly bamboo. Unlike the metal curtain poles, these come in bigger diameters, therefore these are ideal such as double lined blackout curtain.

When paired with thick, lined, or interlined curtains, the larger diameters can assist create a stunning effect at your window. Corded wooden curtain poles are now commonly used in a wide variety of colours and styles.

Acrylic curtain poles

Acrylic, transparent plastic is also used to make curtain poles. Although it has strengthened and stiffening properties, still these are not the best choice for heavy eyelet curtains.

These transparent curtain poles, undoubtedly look beautiful and stunning against dark colour room themes and over the modern sheer curtains. It is recommended to choose acrylic curtains for lightweight voile curtains as they are not strong as wooden or metal curtains.

How to choose the best type of curtain poles for furnishing your curtain?

When you want to furnish an unlikely howling gale corner in your home, it is best to put a curtain with the attractive curtain poles there in a way that gains others’ attention and transforms the place into fancy and more private.

The space where you hang curtains are usually limited and there are no obvious principles to follow but read on further to have an idea of how and where you can start.

First, look at your room interior

Choosing the right curtain poles is determined by the style of your space. Brass or white wooden curtain poles can be used in a country-style bedroom, while dark wood or wrought iron can be used in a French-style room.

Chrome or brass curtain poles, on the other hand, are more suited to a contemporary or minimalist design.

For that silky drape, wrought iron, and wood curtain poles work well, while linen drapes are more suited to wood or bamboo. In a nutshell, look at your decor and curtains to choose which curtain pole is suitable for your interior.

Match it with other interiors

You already have a lot of metal and woody things in the space. This can help to choose curtain poles that match your room's woodwork, such as furniture legs or other wood finishes.

If your room is bright and splendent, use a curtain pole that matches. You can rest assured that the curtain poles will blend with the rest of the decor and will not look out of place.

In case you have multiple finishes in a place

Sometimes you face difficulty in finding the right match because of a combination of finishes in one place, such as a bunch of decorative or lighting pieces, wooden furniture, tiles, paintings, and wallpapers. What you should do then?

It is as simple as that, choose one most prominent finish and just follow it to make your place more cohesive and out of class.

Are you still confused? Here are some suggestions that are clearly interpreting which curtain pole suits which home interior. Hope this breaking down helps you find the right one for you.

Copper, gold, rose gold, brass, and bronze

These rich metallic curtain poles will enhance the show-off of your formal rooms by giving your curtains a luxurious look. These all-traditional metallic colours give your place an opulent finish. 

In addition to that, metallic curtain poles are a great choice for your bohemian style interior and inject a classy artistic antique finish into informal places.

Painted wood

Painted wooden curtain poles in softer tones such as off-white, ivory, and beige paint look complementary in cottages and country interiors. Moreover, the wooden painted curtain poles are also preferred in kid’s rooms as well as in monochromatic interior places.

The brightly coloured painted wooden curtain poles look notable thus can be used in places like kid’s playrooms and study rooms.

Wrought Iron

When it comes to making over a traditional interior room, wrought iron is a go-to choose. A ranch-style interior pairs well with the macho look of wrought iron curtain poles. In an industrial-style home interior, the artistry of wrought iron finials and fittings can take it to the next level.

Chrome, Nickel, and Silver

Stylish interiors need noticeable window treatments like chrome, nickel, and silver curtain poles. A sleek, modern apartment will look complete with a chrome curtain pole with classic ends, such as a spherical finial. In a polished modern or transitional interior, the use of nickel or silver curtain poles with beautiful finials is just perfect.


Acrylic is a contemporary and transitional material that has a distinct aesthetic appeal. For a bold interior full of colours, this is the right choice. Transparent acrylic curtain poles offer a touch of splendour to a contemporary space.


The natural look of bamboo provides a sense of tranquillity to a room, making it an ideal choice for interior design. With its earthy tones and nature-inspired furnishings, bamboo curtain poles are ideal for any place.

Other factors that matter while choosing a curtain pole.

Curtain type and design

If you already have decided on the curtains in your head, the type of curtain accessories really depends on their style and type. However, most types of curtains such as tab top, eyelet, and grommet curtains look great when hung with curtain rods. There are other types of curtains that need curtain rings or grommets and curtain tracks.

Curtain poles when matched appropriately with the curtains style and type add a fresh and decorative flair to window dressings and doorways entirely. Nevertheless, curtain poles have the capability to further elaborate curtain designs and make a corner stand out.

Curtain weight

Light curtains are easy to manage, they go perfectly well with any type of curtain poles to hold on to. But it becomes a little bit tricky when you have heavy and long curtains on windows and doorways that are mostly used in living rooms and bedrooms.

In this case, it is worthwhile to choose metal curtain poles for heavy and long curtains for that perfect hold and look.

Window size and shape

The window size and shape are another decision-making element to choosing the type of curtain poles for curtain dressings.  Obviously, larger windows need larger drapes.

So, it led you to the same thing mentioned above that metal curtain poles are better competent to large, heavy, and long curtains because as they provide strong and smooth holdbacks that help in sliding overwhelmingly heavy curtains.

 This does not mean that wooden curtain poles cannot be used for heavy curtains; as mentioned earlier, wooden poles with a larger diameter are an easy solution for heavy drapes. 

Measuring simple windows for curtain poles

Before purchasing the curtain poles, it is best to take measurements of your windows to avoid any inconvenience. Usually, all measurements are taken in centimetres or inches depending upon the measurement of curtain poles you are provided by the website or store.

The next thing you should have in your hands is a metal ruler for taking the measurements. In case, you are relacing your curtain pole, it is recommended to buy a new one with the same measurements. If you are buying a new one, follow the below-mentioned easy instructions.

Note: the below-mentioned steps only include pole measurements, excluding the finial at both ends.

Measuring a window for a pole

First of all, measure the recess width of your window with the metal ruler and leave at least 15 centimetres on each side for the finials finishing. Your final curtain pole length will be windows recess+ 30cm.

Picking the required pole diameter

The pole diameter greatly depends on the above-mentioned factors, curtain types and design, curtain weights, and window size and shape. The following details suggest the suitable diameter according to the curtain weight.

  • 19mm diameter for lightweight curtains (up to 4 kilograms in total)
  • 25mm or 28mm diameter for medium weight curtains (up to 8 kilograms in total)
  • 35mm or above diameter for heavyweight curtains (up to 12 kilograms in total)

These are the general measurements used for buying curtain poles, however, if curtains have some extra weight, such as linings, you must choose the diameter accordingly.

Why imperial room is the best place to buy curtain poles?

Is everything done? Have you decided which type of curtain poles you need to buy? Are you finding the best place to buy curtain poles? If so, let us help you.

Imperial Room’s extendable curtain poles selection includes plain metal ball finials made of unique and study metals including brushed silver, chrome, antique brass, and black nickel.

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The Takeaway

Curtain poles make your window dressing more visible and decorative and introduce a desired visual effect in your room’s interior. On the other hand, curtain tracks are virtually invisible and give your curtains a decent and sleek appearance.

However, curtain poles are relatively more popular because the fancy, artistic and modern finials at the end give the whole curtain an extraordinary beautiful finishing. Being more practical, traditional, simple, easy to install, and clearly perfect for your window treatments, the curtain poles will more likely to your desired option.

 In a nutshell, the curtain poles play a significant role in dressing your windows and propose a new, enhanced and artistic appearance to any place.

Above, we have discussed the types of curtain poles in detail and how can each type help you transform your window dressings. You can take help in choosing one for your place.

Moreover, to buy the top-class original metal curtain poles, visit the Imperial Rooms official website and thank us later.


Which is better curtain track or pole?

Both are used to hang curtains. But what you need is really depends on your curtain’s heading style. For example, curtain poles are perfectly suitable for tab tops. However, eyelet curtains, pencil pleat, pinch pleat, and goblet pleat curtains go well with both the curtain pole and curtain track.

What size curtain pole do I need?

This depends on the size on the size of your window. The best way is to measure your window size and leave 15 cm from each size to get your curtain pole fit in the window.

Can I paint the curtain pole?

Curtain poles are available in different materials, such as metal, wooden, and acrylic. You can paint the wooden curtain poles as metals and plastics cannot hold up the paints.

What curtain pole for eyelet curtains?

Eyelet curtains glide perfectly on curtain poles as eyelet curtains do not require curtain rings.

What should I use to hang net curtains?

The traditional way to hang a net curtain is through a wire and net rod because of their slot top heading. In case, net curtains have a pencil pleat heading, they can be hung through a track or pole.

How far above the window should I fit the pole?

It is advised to fit your curtain pole 12 to 15cm above the window, however, a small window size can be made longer by setting up a pole higher above the window.

Where to buy a curtain pole?

There are many online stores where you can find and buy a curtain pole, but we suggest you choose Imperial Rooms. It is a trusty online store, offering the best high-quality metal curtain poles for your window dressings.

What are curtain pole finials?

A curtain pole is a long, cylindrical rod, either solid or hollow to hang curtains above the windows. At each end of the rod, there is a decorative end called curtain pole finials.