Curtains - ideas for living rooms, bedrooms and much more.

From the made-to-measure curtain in the living room, the piece of goods in the children's room to the modern curtain in the bedroom: These are our tips and ideas for everything to do with curtains - from selection and purchase to hanging and cleaning.

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  • Curtain, store, decorative scarf: small product information
  • curtains in the living room
  • curtains in the bedroom
  • Curtains in the children's room
  • Attach curtains - from the curtain rod to the cable system
  • Find the right fabric for your curtains
  • The curtain as a decorative element - ideas for the curtain
  • Dimensions, folds, trimmings - the dream of the perfect curtains
  • Cleaning curtains: you should pay attention to this

Curtain, store, decorative scarf: small product information

A classic curtain consists of two parts, the store and the decorative scarf. The store is a semi-transparent, usually white, lower curtain that can be closed. It can be either floor-length or half-length. In addition to their decorative effect, blinds should let daylight shine into the room and offer privacy. The associated decorative scarf is also referred to as a curtain and is usually attached to the side of the window.

Curtains in the living room

For a long time,  drapes or curtains in the living room were "unfashionable". Anyone who already had floor-to-ceiling windows didn't want to hang them up. At the same time, textiles by the window make living rooms more comfortable - without necessarily being stuffy. Tightly woven cotton and linen curtains absorb sound and act like a soft focus in puristically furnished rooms. On the other hand, if curtains serve more as a decorative element at the window, translucent, synthetic fabrics such as polyester fabrics are sufficient.

Curtains in the bedroom

Curtains work similarly in the bedroom. Especially curtains made of thick and fluffy textiles provide additional sound insulation for quieter nights and block out some of the winter cold creeping through the windows in old buildings. Tip: When it comes to curtains for the bedroom, pay attention to dark tones or incredibly opaque coated fabrics to optimally darken the room.

Curtains in the children's room

Parents and older children are spoiled for choice when choosing the right curtain: Colorful motifs, seasonal items or curtains in your favourite colour are available, as are opaque curtains to darken the children's room - beneficial for babies and small children. Colourful curtains play around the view outside and throw warm light into the room if they are allowed to catch the sun's rays. A curtain with colours and patterns looks fresh and cheerful. It can become a beautiful eye-catcher in the room or - used discreetly and reservedly - emphasize a harmonious and calm atmosphere.

Attach curtains - from the curtain rod to the cable system

Modern curtains are generally easy to install. The curtains can either be attached to a pleated strip or loops on curtain rods that are mounted above the window and can then be easily opened and closed. The curtain rod measures the width of the window plus the overhang on either side of the window and is usually made of wood or metal. Thin steel cables have increasingly replaced the classic curtain rod for several years. They are also attached to the wall or ceiling with a bracket. It is essential to choose screws and dowels for attaching the curtain holder so that they can carry the weight of the curtain over the long term and withstand all loads safely and securely. During installation, you should note that the window can be tilted without any problems, even when the curtains are closed.

 By the way: If you want, you can put so-called saddle pads on the side of your curtains. This is a length of fabric or ruffled elements as the upper end of the curtain, which can, if desired, cover its suspension or an unsightly roller shutter box. Dense fabrics like tightly woven cotton compete with fine, translucent textiles; Meter goods to sew yourself with ready-made or made-to-measure curtains so that everyone should be able to find the right curtain for their needs. Answers to the following questions will help with the selection.

  1. Which requirements should the curtain meet?
  2. I mainly want decoration and atmosphere or privacy, blackout curtains or soundproofing?
  3. Which colours and materials do I feel comfortable with?

This determines the curtain fabric's type, design, opaque texture or transparency. Creating a mood board with inspirational images and colour and fabric samples is also advisable to know what you like. For the perfect curtain dream, it also makes sense to seek advice from a professional interior designer or interior decorator who will transform personal preferences into a coherent concept. The best thing to do is ask friends or acquaintances with lovely curtains or your favourite Imperial Rooms store

Tip for more security at home: When buying, make sure that the curtains are made of flame-retardant or even fireproof material.

Buying tips: ready-made curtains or made-to-measure curtains?

Ready-made curtain with standard size:

  • Adapts to many typical window sizes by simply shortening them.
  • Ready made curtains is often cheaper than custom-made models.
  • Is available online or from specialist retailers without waiting or taking measurements at the window.

Made-to-measure curtains:

  • Is designed and manufactured according to the individual ideas of the customer.
  • offers the individual curtain solution for every window and every room height.
  • Tip: Long curtains visually stretch the room and make it appear higher, while short curtains emphasize the horizontal.

The curtain as a decorative element - ideas for the curtain

A small drop of bitterness: it is like with fashion; they are subject to trends. The colour, length and material of the fabrics change and are constantly being reinvented - the curtains can be used wonderfully as a decorative element in your home. However, their actual function, protection from light, noise and unwanted views from the outside, is not forgotten. Both can be combined with the following idea: work in layers with the curtain in combination with a curtain. This way, privacy can be guaranteed - but the design is not neglected.

Dimensions, folds, trimmings - the dream of the perfect curtains

Measurements It is challenging to estimate the perfect curtain length and width, as the ideal measurement.

Depends on the window size, fabric pattern and curtain style. In general, you add or subtract a few centimetres to the distance between the rail and the floor, depending on your individual taste. Curtains with wave folds look good when they hover slightly above the floor, and lush scarves when they are about four inches off the floor. Add 20 centimetres overhang at the sides and a gathering factor of 1:2; for large patterns, 1:2.5 – that means at least twice the fabric width per window meter.


Whether and how a curtain fabric folds are determined by its weave and the curtain tape used, which, thanks to woven-in loops, also allows eyelet curtain or gliders to be attached. It is sewn onto the back of the panel at the top. If you pull on the integrated drawstrings, the fabric is ruffled or folded into regular folds, depending on the version. So-called wave bands, which ensure a regular and straight drape, are trendy.


Curtains are given the finishing touch by so-called trimmings: piping, tassels, cords, and strands, from luxurious velvet curtains to playful with pompoms. Tiebacks with tassels keep fabrics in check during the day and are perfect companions for the elegant salon style.

Cleaning curtains: you should pay attention to this.

Exhaust fumes from outside, food fumes or even cigarette smoke make things difficult for every curtain over time. Regularly washing and ironing all the home curtains is labour-intensive and time-consuming. So pay attention to the properties of the curtains when you buy them: easy-care, shape-retaining curtains with good folds will thank you later with less maintenance.

A little tip: Freshly washed curtains can be hung up while they are still slightly damp. They hang out thanks to their weight and become nice and smooth even without ironing. However, you should spin heavy curtains made of dense fabrics and consider the additional weight when hanging them up, which is now acting on the curtain rod, dowels and screws.