Difference between a blanket and a plaid.

There is quite a bit of confusion between a plaid and a blanket these days. A blanket is usually used to sleep underneath, and a plaid is used on the couch or to warm yourself, but it is also used as decoration.

What size blanket should I order?

These sizes are suitable for cots that have 200, 210 or 220 in length.

Crib width          which blanket size?

80 wide or 90 wide, 160x220, 180x220, 180x240

140x200               220x240

180x200               240x260, 240x300

Which blanket should I choose?

That depends on the location of the bedroom and body temperature.

  1. If your bedroom is cold and you feel cold, it is best to purchase a 730-gram blanket.
  2. If your bedroom is less cold, you can suffice with a 500-gram or 600-gram, and merino wool is also an option.
  3. If you are naturally cold, purchasing 600 grams or 730 grams is best.
  4. If you are freezing, purchasing 2 blankets of 500 grams is better.
  5. For people with a warm bedroom and you are always warm, a cotton blanket or a 500-gram woollen blanket is best.
  6. Cleaning wool blankets can only be dry cleaned, and if you want to wash, then a cotton blanket is best.

Can you sleep only under a blanket?

We do not recommend it since sleeping under a sheet is more comfortable; you only have to wash the sheet, and it will sleep more comfortably.

Do the creases come out quickly?

The fleece and sherpa blankets are always folded in the packaging to protect the blanket or plaid, which will come out after some time.

Knock-out blanket?

Do not knock out under any circumstances, as this will damage the blanket. Nowadays, this is no longer necessary with the current material. You may, however, gently shake out the blanket.

Fluff comes out of the blanket now and then. Can that hurt?

No, this has to do with the way the blanket is manufactured.


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All products in our range meet our high-quality requirements. In the field of bed textiles, we find considerable differences in quality between the different brands. We can see this in how the stitching is done, the preservation of the colours and the quality of the fabric. Dekenshop.nl has carefully selected its brands, which guarantees high quality. The price of a product is a reasonable indication of its quality.

Washing instructions Woolen Blankets & Plaids

Wool has excellent dirt-repellent properties, so it is unnecessary to wash the product often. Wool can clean itself, and dirt remains on the outside of the surface due to the natural oils in the wool. It is best to air wool outside on a day with high humidity / foggy weather. You will find the washing instructions per product type below if this is insufficient.

Plaids made of lamb’s wool & merino wool

These can be washed in the washing machine on a wool wash program. Max temperature 30°C Celsius. Wash separately and iron at a low temperature. Do not tumble dry or use bleaching detergents. Use a special wool detergent but no fabric softener. Wool can shrink due to sudden temperature fluctuations. Do not hang wool to dry in the sun or on the heating. Preferably let it dry in the shade on a summer day with wind, ensuring that the wool dries smoothly.

Woollen blankets

It is best to have the woollen blankets cleaned by the dry cleaner. Under no circumstances, dry the blanket in the tumble dryer, soak it (then wool can become felt), or use bleaching detergents or fabric softener. Wool can shrink due to sudden temperature fluctuations. Do not hang wool to dry in the sun or on the heating. Preferably let it dry in the shade on a summer day with wind, ensuring that the wool dries smoothly. Do not use clothespins.

Maintenance of wool plaids and blankets

Wool eventually pills slightly due to the friction on the plaid or blanket. The protruding hairs then hook into each other and form a small ball. Avoid taking too many pills by not sitting on the plaid or blanket (permanent sofa cover) and not using the plaid or blanket as a pillows. You can remove the tiny balls of wool that arise with a pill comb. A new woollen product will pill the fastest because more protruding hairs can form the balls with each other. After an initial treatment with a piling comb, the pilling will become less.

The colours of the blankets.

Each screen transmits its colours, and nothing can be changed. Many people think this is white. Therefore, never look for an exact colour via the screen, but take a contrasting colour. A laptop, among other things, always gives the colour a bit grey blanket, with the somewhat colourful blankets and plaids.