Choose Your bed Linen According To The Seasons

Here you will find all the elements and advice you need to choose the suitable bed linen. You will thus have a good refreshing night's sleep to face a new day in great shape.

What’s in bed linen?

The main role of bed linen is to protect bedding and bedding accessories.


You will find 2 types of sheets, the flat and the fitted sheets.

The fitted sheet protects your bedding. It is found with elastics at the 4 corners, which form cups. You can find different cup sizes depending on the thickness of your mattress. You must take it the same size as your mattress to prevent your sheet from running off during the night. The elastic must be well placed under the mattress.

The flat sheet is mainly used in hotels or lodges. It finds its place on the bed sheet. It must be larger than the bedding because we fold it over the blanket. Indeed, its purpose is to protect the coverage.

The duvet cover

It is a patterned or plain fabric envelope that protects your duvet. It is offered in different materials. It would be best if you chose it more significantly than your mattress so that it covers your bed well. You can take a size above the recommended one if you like your bed to be tucked in. Of course, you must choose a duvet with the exact dimensions of your duvet cover.

The pillowcase and bolster

As its name suggests, it protects your pillow or bolsters from sweat or dust. There are different sizes of pillowcases, as you have square or rectangular pillows. You must be vigilant when buying so as not to make a mistake. For people who sweat a lot at night, you can add a protective cover to install between the pillow and the pillowcase.

Mattress protector or under sheet

This item of bed linen is essential to keep your mattress longer. Indeed, it plays a role between you and your bed. It prevents your bedding from being altered more quickly. It protects against sweat, dust, dust mites etc. You need to wash it regularly afterwards.

The bed set

Here you will find a complete set that includes a duvet cover with one or 2 pillowcases, depending on the size of the pillowcase.


All seasons

The cotton

You do not want to invest in bed linen according to the seasons, but you want to use it all year round? In this case, you must choose cotton that absorbs moisture perfectly and is a very resistant and easy-care material. It is the most common material found for bed linen, and it is a safe bet. Its thickness can vary. The higher the thread count, the thicker and better the fabric. In terms of comfort, it is a soft and comfortable fabric. It is very resistant and durable, and it can withstand washing at 90°.


You can also choose cotton or wool jersey, which absorbs moisture and is stretchy. It is an ideal material for fitted sheets.

The silk

If you want something luxurious, then silk is for you! With it, you are warm in winter and cool in summer. In addition to being very soft, it would be a beauty asset with its moisturizing properties. It is synonymous with luxurious and chic atmospheres. It's a shiny material that keeps you cool in summer. If you choose silk pillowcases, your facial skin will be more relaxed because you will have carried out less friction during your sleep.



When temperatures rise, the first material that comes to mind is linen. Since it is a material made of natural fibres, it has thermoregulatory properties. Linen helps keep cool in summer. It is resistant and light. It is an anti-dust material that is suitable for allergy sufferers. It is a light and natural material that absorbs moisture very well. It is therefore recommended for people who sweat a lot. This material has antibacterial properties, and linen is ideal for people with allergies. Linen sheets are renowned for their resistance and naturally wrinkled appearance. There are two types of linen, washed linen which is soft and raw linen which is rougher. As you wash it, it will soften.


It is a very soft material, thanks to the weaving process and is very flexible. You should choose cotton or silk satin, not synthetic satin. This one will make you sweat. With satin, you are on luxurious bed linen, thanks to its softness and appearance. This material is made up of long cotton fibres, which offer a very soft and supple touch. It has respiratory properties, ideal for the summer. You can find

Models with or without patterns.

Cotton percale

Its absorption capacity is identical to that of cotton. Its touch is soft and smooth. It is an excellent cotton knit (80 threads per cm²), and its touch is very soft but less flexible than satin. It is ideal for people who sweat during the night because it is absorbent and dries quickly. In terms of maintenance, put the laundry in the washing machine at 60°C. This material still has a refined finish.

Polycot ton

It is a mixture of synthetic fibres and natural fibres. You will appreciate its lightness and flexibility. Its maintenance is easy, just put it in the washing machine, and it dries quickly.

Autumn winter

The flannel

It is made from brushed cotton, giving it its velvet bedding appearance and soft touch. This fabric helps keep the heat in and the cold out. Flannel will be perfect for you if you like to sleep in a cool room but are still chilly. In terms of maintenance, the laundry can be machine washed at a high temperature (60°C). It is the material for bed linen in winter and for the chilly. It is a loose wool fabric that provides thermal comfort. Ideal when temperatures drop.


Although this material is light, it retains heat well. If you want very soft bed linen, take washed linen.

As you can see, there is a multitude of fabric materials that each have distinct properties. You now have all the cards to choose your bed linen according to the seasons. To go further, find our advice for choosing dimensions. One of the most important criteria to consider when choosing your bed linen is well-being because sleep is essential. And the bed linen will contribute to a night of restful sleep and, therefore, to good restful nights!