Guide To Get A Cozy Bed Feeling With 15 Tog Duvet

Higher tog duvets are excellent when you need that extra cosiness to fall asleep at night in the winter. If you want to wrap up burrito-style and are a cold sleeper, you can use them all year round. The loveliest winter duvets have tog ratings around 10.5 and 15.

Which Winter Duvet Is Best, And How To Pick One?

When it comes to duvets, the 15-tog is a relatively heavyweight. In recent years, the manufacturing of bedding and duvets has seen some fantastic innovations. Since you last purchased a duvet, you have probably had access to a lot more options. Therefore, if you need clarification about whether duvet Tog rating and filling are best for you, there are others.

The good news is that you are in the perfect location if you need help deciding what is best for you. This winter duvet buying guide was created to assist you in selecting the suitable duvet tog rating, filling, covering, and even duvet size.

A TOG Rating

You'll notice that every duvet in the assortment and those sold by other vendors has a Tog rating. A duvet's tog rating measures how well it insulates against cold temperatures. The duvet is warmer the greater the Tog rating. The range of the standard duvet Tog rating is 1 through 15. However, in the UK, you will only see a duvet with a Tog rating of 4.


When deciding the duvet Tog to get for your winter duvet, the sort of home you reside in definitely wasn't the first thing on your mind. Nevertheless, this is an essential aspect that must be thought about.

A House In The Modern Style

A standard winter duvet Tog of 13.5 or 15 tog single duvet may be too warm for you to fall asleep if you reside in a brand-new, contemporary home with excellent insulation, full central heating, and double glazing. We are all aware of how uncomfortable and challenging it may be to fall asleep during warm summer nights. Since you share a bed with a spouse, a colder duvet—possibly one with a Tog value of approximately 10—might be better for you.

A Vintage Home

Even while many older homes have been updated with double glazing, central heating, and cavity insulation, the building techniques and materials used are less effective at retaining heat than those used in newly constructed homes. In older homes, a 13.5 Tog duvet or a 15 tog double duvet will likely keep you warm enough if you get chilly quickly.

A House Or Cottage Constructed Of Stone

These older, traditional-built homes may be charming, but keeping them warm during the winter may be very challenging. Additionally, under their location, they frequently take place in rural and suburban areas, where nightly lows are typically a few degrees lower than those found in urban areas. Our top suggestion in these locations for keeping warm in bed throughout the winter is a 15 tog king size duvet.

What else should we think about when selecting our winter duvets now that we are aware of Tog ratings and have considered the sort of property we live in?

Filling For A Duvet

In recent years, the filling used in duvets has witnessed the most advancement and development, providing us with a wide range of filling options. Typically, goose or duck feathers are used as natural fillers. Fans of heavyweight duvets frequently favour them because of their opulent feel. Allergy sufferers may experience some issues with feather and down comforters.

Hollow fibre duvets are highly helpful for allergy patients when worn with just an anti-allergy cover to guard against dust mites. For people who desire a luxurious feel but are on a budget, the priciest microfiber-filled duvets are always less expensive than the priciest natural-filling duvets.

Outside Covering 

Even if we cover our tog duvets with decorative covers to keep them safe and decorate our homes, the covering that holds the duvet together still impacts how it feels. It's also very vital to take allergy sufferers into account.

Bed Size

The duvet size is the last but not the least of our things to think about. The dimensions of your duvet will be determined by the dimensions of the bed in which you lay. When selecting your winter duvet, you might prefer a larger size if you share a bed with a spouse. If you live in a cold house, a larger duvet size will assist in keeping those chilly draughts out.

If your partner takes up the entire duvet, it is always a great idea to select a larger duvet size. Hopefully, an enormous duvet will still have enough material to cover you.