How to choose a duvet cover is the ultimate guide!

When we know that we spend about a third of our life sleeping, we understand better why choosing the right duvet cover is (really) essential. Find the right size, choose the right material or the right colour. The road is sometimes long before you can slip into beautiful sheets. At Imperial Rooms, we wanted to make your life easier so you can finally choose your future duvet cover like a pro. Follow the guide!

Choosing the right duvet cover size

There are three standard sizes on the UK market: Single(135x200 cm),Double (200x220 cm) , King (230x220 cm) and Super King Bedding (260x220 cm) . To choose the perfect duvet cover, you must consider both the size of your bed so that it has a nice fallout and your nighttime habits (if you like to wrap yourself in the duvet, choose a size bigger). Anyway, your cover should be the same size as your duvet, so first of all, measure its dimensions.

1. What size for a 140 bed (1 or 2 people)?

For optimal comfort and a drop of 50 cm on each side of the bed, bet on a 240x220 cm duvet cover. This is the most common size. However, if you sleep alone, you can settle for the 200x200 size (fall 30 cm smaller).

2. What size for a 160 bed (2 people)?

Two options are available to you: the 260x240 cm size with an extensive fallout of 40 cm on each side of the bed or the 240x220 cm size for a lower fallout of 30 cm on each side of the bed. Your choice will be based purely on aesthetic preferences (if you want the duvet cover to cover the base of your bed well) and on a question of comfort since the larger the duvet, the more easily you can share it with your spouse.

3. What size for a 180 bed (2 people)?

Nothing could be simpler for a 180x200 cm bed, and you should choose the largest size, the 260x240 cm duvet cover. If you still have any doubts about the dimensions of your cover, go to our size guide or do not hesitate to contact us directly by e-mail or telephone.

Choose the right duvet cover material.

Just as a good recipe is based on good ingredients, quality sheets are made from a first-choice raw material. To this end, forget synthetic materials such as polyester, which are certainly much more accessible but less comfortable and durable over time. Instead, bet on natural material; for this, there is nothing like cotton for a duvet cover that breathes, is easy to care for and is ideally suited for summer and winter alike. But beware, not all pieces of cotton are created equal! First, opt for Egyptian cotton or 100% long fibre cotton to ensure your fitted sheets are long-lasting and robust. This means it has been combed beforehand to remove the shortest cotton fibres that can pill or age poorly.

Should you choose a percale or satin duvet cover?

Cotton percale and cotton sateen are made from the same cotton but woven differently, which gives them very distinct features. Cotton percale has a matte appearance and a light, cool and breathable feel, particularly recommended for those who get hot at night. In contrast, cotton sateen has a slightly shinier appearance and an exceptionally soft feel, making it an ally of choice for the most cautious. Although it is not the most important indicator, consider the number of threads / cm² the duvet cover offers. The higher the number of threads used in 1 cm² of fabric, the softer and more resistant the fabric will be. You will find standard quality pieces of cotton starting at 47 threads/cm² and up to 120 threads/cm² for a very high-end cotton percale.

Choosing the Right Duvet Cover Shape

There are different shapes of duvet covers. First, the most frequent bottle shape is called the chimney. The duvet cover is equipped with a flap at its end, making it easier to tuck in the bed. You can also opt for a duvet cover that can be buttoned or zipped, which has the advantage of keeping the duvet in place. So are you more like buttons? At Imperial Rooms, we opted for a duvet cover with hidden buttons to combine comfort and aesthetics.

Choosing the right duvet cover colour.

The colour of your cover plays a more prominent role than you might think in the quality of your sleep! Whether you are more plain or patterned, sherpa duvet cover will tell you: that warm colours (red and ochre duvet cover in particular) are not welcome in the place where you sleep. They increase blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature. Opt for blue bedding set (the sedative colour of all), white (the most serene), purple (the most spiritual and meditative), grey or beige. Are you a fan of pink? We say yes but in a very pale version, for its relaxing effect.

Think about the maintenance of your duvet cover! 

When you buy a duvet cover, you also have to ask yourself the question of maintenance. Indeed, your sheets require frequent washing every 7 to 10 days to eliminate bacteria and possible mites, hence the importance of opting for superior quality. By betting on cotton percale, the fabric will withstand the highest washing temperatures and soften with each wash, making it the preferred bed linen for the most prominent hotels worldwide.