How to choose a sofa throws?

1. What is the sofa throw?

You know the bed throw, but do you know the sofa throw? In principle, a sofa throw is nothing more than a large plaid. Composed of fabric padded with wadding. It is generally quilted over its entire surface to provide better padding. It protects the sofa, warms you up in winter and completes the decor of your living room.

2. The advantages of the sofa throw

1. A warm and comfortable accessory.

For long winter evenings, plaid is an essential accessory. No matter the material of his fabric, he brings softness and warm extras to your home. A simple and natural way to save heating.

2. A design accessory for harmony.

The sofa throw is the ideal accessory to create a warm atmosphere and a cocooning decor in your living room. Available in many models (shapes, colours, materials), it harmonizes the decor of a living room and can be placed on a sofa, an armchair or even a chair.

3. Protection for your sofa.

If the upholstery of your sofa is sensitive, with a good plaid, you won't have to worry anymore. The fabric will protect your couch problem. Moreover, a sofa throw will revitalize your style if your furniture is a little worn and has lost its shine. So, no need to buy a new chair.

3. How to choose the right sofa throw.

A. What material for the fabric of the sofa throws?

The sofa throw comes in many forms to match all types of interiors. For synthetic materials, faux fur goes very well with mountain chalet atmospheres. Cotton (velvet), mohair and wool are the most fashionable materials for the natural. Velvet is perfect for a modern Scandinavian pattern. Wool and its long hairs will correspond more to authentic and country atmospheres. As for mohair, or cashmere, it is perfect for summer!

B. What size for the sofa throw?

In general, a sofa throw sand blankets measures 180 x 220 cm in order to be able to cover the entire backrest and seat of a sofa of standard dimensions. You can opt for a suitable plaid if your sofa is more extensive. You can also use the following technique: wrap yourself in it and see if you are comfortable. If not, try a model with a few inches more in length and width.

C. What shape and colour for the sofa throw?

In addition to material and size, style is an important criterion. You can find wide throws with checks of several colours, Scottish fashion, or others of a more united hue. But it is also possible to turn to more original colours, such as rust shades, for industrial styles. For the form, you have the choice between square or rectangular models. A square sofa throw is usually smaller, so it can go with more armchairs. But the rectangle model is more pleasant to curl up.

4. How to decorate your sofa with plaid?

The placement of your sofa throw is important for a perfect and unique style. Here are all the possibilities available to you in this area:

Centred: place the throw, folded into a square, on the center of the sofa with a cushion.

  1. On the armrest, fold the throw and place it on a (wide) sofa arm.
  2. In the corner: arrange the throw along the length of the back of the sofa starting from one corner.
  3. On the armchair, cover the sofa with plaid like a cover.
  4. Different styles that you can adapt according to the season and your desires.


You now know everything about the couch throw. You just have to follow our instructions to find the ideal long plaid for the material, the patterns, and the size. So you can curl up quietly warm inside during the long winter evenings.