The complete shopping guide for baby sleeping bags in 2022.

If you want to choose a suitable baby sleeping bag, reading this article is enough to solve your problem. In 2022, if there is still a lack of a baby sleeping bag at home or parents and mothers who are about to buy a sleeping bag, I hope this article can help you.

Because it involves a lot of content and various product styles, friends who are pressed for time can directly look at the catalogue:

  1. Is it necessary to buy a baby sleeping bag?
  2. What types of baby sleeping bags are there?
  3. Recommendations for the types of baby sleeping bags of different months and ages
  4. Recommendations for purchasing baby sleeping bags

1. Is it necessary to buy a baby sleeping bag?

Directly to the conclusion: it is necessary for low-born babies sleeping bags are a necessity.

First, sleeping bags can provide a sense of security for your baby. For newborns, the startle reflex is often prone to occur. Sleeping bags can give the baby a sense of wrapping and security and improve the baby's sleep quality.

Second, the sleeping bag has the effect of preventing suffocation.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) does not recommend overly fluffy baby items, including pillows, comforters, mattresses, etc. Especially for babies under one year old, if soft objects cover their mouth and nose, they cannot remove them by themselves. Therefore, sleeping bags should be used to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

The third is the anti-kick quilt. The scene of getting up several times to cover the baby with the quilt several times a night must be deeply felt by the sleeping scum parents. Using a sleeping bag can save you precious time, sleep soundly, and prevent your baby from kicking the quilt and catching a cold.

2. What types of baby sleeping bags are there?

There are many types and styles of sleeping bags, which can be roughly divided into swaddling, surrender, leg wrapping, vest and split-leg styles, and further subdivided into sleeves or sleeveless, feet-covered or not.

3. Recommended types of sleeping bags for different months of age

  • 0-3 months old: swaddle sleeping bag, surrender sleeping bag, anti-jump sleeping bag
  • 3-6 months old: Leg-pack sleeping bag, vest sleeping bag
  • 6-12 months: Split-leg sleeping bag

Emphasize here: styles do not have to be chosen according to age but learn to be flexible. Each baby's temperament characteristics and speed of growth and development are different. You should choose the style according to your baby's personality, growth, and development.

Take a chestnut: Surrender sleeping bags have a perfect soothing effect, but some babies just hate being restrained and don't like being tied up with their hands and feet. This is natural. Another example is that some babies develop well in big sports and like to roll over and crawl, so the split-leg sleeping bag is more suitable.

(By the way, the old mother's personal experience: the split-leg sleeping bag is the longest in use, and you can't go wrong with it!)

4. Recommendations for the purchase of baby sleeping bags

1) Dimensions

The length of the sleeping bag is recommended to reserve 10cm more according to the height of the baby. The baby grows too fast in the first year. If you choose to fit the sleeping bag every time you buy a sleeping bag, you will soon be unable to wear it. But be careful not to exceed two sizes, especially for babies under one year old. A sleeping bag that is too large can quickly sink into your baby, increasing the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

2) Thickness

The thickness of the sleeping bag directly affects warmth retention. The most important thing is to select it according to the room temperature and the baby's physique. The factors of the temperature difference between day and night, heating and air conditioning should also be considered. Especially for sleeping bags in winter, don't be greedy, but choose according to room temperature. Sleeping bags have an important indicator, which is the "thermal insulation coefficient", which is usually expressed by "tog". When the room temperature is below 16 ℃, if there is no air conditioning, heating or other heating equipment, you can put a thin blanket on the 2.5 tog sleeping bag.

Note: Different age groups must cooperate with the room temperature environment to judge the specific wearing plan. I recommend several everyday situations. Parents can judge according to their specific circumstances: If the baby is afraid of heat and is easy to sweat, you can also choose a lighter sleeping bag.

3) Fabric and filling material

The fabric and filling material should be soft, skin-friendly, hygroscopic, and breathable. At present, the more popular fabrics and filling materials on the market are:

Fabric material:

Pure cotton: a natural material, skin-friendly and comfortable to absorb sweat; thin cotton gauze: soft, skin-friendly, and breathable; bamboo cotton gauze: strong water absorption, breathable, and more comfortable than pure cotton.

Fill material:

Cotton: warm and heavy, can be washed; constant temperature fibre: light and soft, can absorb and release heat, adjust the temperature, can be washed;

silk: warm and comfortable, but not washable.