How to choose the right bedspread?

A practical guide to choosing the right bedspread

To face winter as it should be and breathe a cocooning spirit into the bedroom, the bedspread is the essential accessory to adopt. Advantages, materials and dimensions, we tell you everything you need to know to choose the right bedspread.

Summary :

  1. Why adopt a bedspread in the bedroom?
  2. What material to choose for your bedspread?
  3. How to choose the right size of a bedspread?

Why adopt a bedspread in the bedroom?

The bedspread is household linen which, as its name suggests, is intended to cover the bed. You can find them in a quilted bedspreads or unpadded version and different models: the boutis (originating in Provence), the bedspread . These bedspreads provide both comfort and additional heat gain in the winter. But that's not all, and the bedspread also has the advantage of protecting the bedding. The bedspread protects your sleeping area from dust by concealing the mattress, box spring, bedsheets, and duvet (or blanket). Finally, the bedspread turns out to be a decorative accessory in its own right in the cocooning spirit of a bedroom with a cosy decor.

What material to choose for your bedspread?

The bedspread exists in many materials, which all have their particularities:

  • A cotton bedspread: a light, easy-care and accessible material, cotton is often the preferred material for bedspreads. We find them in many colours like Duck Egg, Grey , Mauve  and patterns to satisfy all decorative styles!
  • A woollen bedspread: a soft and natural material that couldn't be warmer, wool is ideal for a bedspread in winter.
  • A linen bedspread: cover an l-shaped bedspread. You can enjoy all seasons since this flexible material keeps the heat in the winter and the freshness in the summer.
  • A satin bedspread: satin is best if you want a soft, silky, refined bedspread. Even if it is more expensive, I prefer natural satin rather than synthetic to avoid perspiration.
  • A down bedspread: for a bedspread that will keep you warm in winter, down seems to be an excellent choice because it insulates perfectly from the cold.
  • Synthetic bedspread: synthetic bedspreads are among the least expensive models, whether polyester or acrylic. If they are light and easy to maintain, they are still less pleasant to the touch and, above all, durable.

How to choose the right size of a bedspread?

To choose a Luxury bedspread that is as aesthetic as it is practical, you must opt ​​for a model that covers the entire surface of your bed. If it's too small, the bedspread won't cover your entire bed, resulting in a sloppy look. In the same way, if it is too big, your bedspread may drag on the ground and collect all the dust. So as not to be mistaken, we recommend that you allow 45 to 50 cm of clearance on each side of the bed.

To put it, here are the recommended measurements according to the size of the bed:

  1. For a single bed of 90 x 200 cm, choose a bedspread of 180 x 250 cm
  2. For a standard double bed of 140 x 200 cm, choose a bedspread of 230 x 250 cm
  3. For a queen-size bed of 160 x 200 cm, choose a bedspread of 250 x 270 or 260 x 250 cm
  4. For a Super king-size bed of 180 x 200 cm, choose a bedspread of 270 x 270 or 280 x 270 cm.