How to choose the right blanket?
  • How to choose a blanket?

  • The functions of a throw blanket

  • How do I choose the material for my blanket?

  • Cashmere and wool throws

  • What colour or pattern should I choose for my blanket?

  • Color, an aspect not to be overlooked

  • Which pattern to lean towards when choosing a blanket?

  • What size blanket should you choose?

How to choose a blanket?

Let yourself be guided by our advice throughout this article to offer you an informed choice. It can have several functions as winter approaches or on a summer evening by the fire.

The functions of a throw blanket

It can accompany you daily for your cocooning evenings by the fire, in front of a good series or in the evening before sleeping. Or accompany you on a trip. It will warm you when you wrap yourself inside a car, train or tent and make you feel at home. In short, any excuse is good to create a cosy atmosphere with a throw blanket.


Thanks to its soft and comfortable touch,  it will help you create an atmosphere of rest, serenity or romance. It can also add a missing decorative touch to your bed or sofa. Available in different patterns or colours, it will blend perfectly with your interior, whatever it is! It can also be a blanket for your children when they watch their favourite cartoon for the umpteenth time or play with little horses on your cold tiles. He will be able to wrap them in the land of dreams every night, whether it is winter or summer as if they were in their mother's arms.

How do I choose the material?

There are several materials: wool, cashmere, cotton, synthetic materials such as acrylic, viscose, polyester, faux fur or even other natural materials such as bamboo, silk or cotton.

Cashmere and wool throws

Wool and cashmere are natural materials that provide warmth in cold weather because they retain it well and insulate perfectly from the winter cold. Their soft and fluffy touch will be your best ally for long winter evenings by the fireplace or in your cosy bed. A wool blanket can also be a decorative object that is both chic and soft but can sometimes be allergenic, so check your allergies before buying it. Different types of wool include sheep's wool, merino wool, camel's wool, mohair wool or goat's wool (more commonly known as cashmere). All contain lanolin, a substance present in the wool of animals that helps to relax.


Cotton is a good alternative to wool as it is lighter and the ideal summer choice. Indeed, its fibre allows air to circulate easily through the fabric, which gives you a feeling of freshness when you sleep on it in hot weather. The softness of a cotton Blanket will allow you to wrap yourself in it to read a good book, for example. Even if cotton blankets do not have significant heating properties, they can still be your best ally on a summer evening by the campfire or in your hammock. This textile fabric can be dyed or printed easily, making it available in many colours or patterns. Synthetic materials also provide warmth in cold weather, but they don't retain heat as well as wool or cashmere. However, at a lower cost, they remain very effective in warming you up during a relaxing evening on your sofa or in your bed.

Faux fur throws

Faux fur can be a good alternative to wool or cotton bedspreads because faux fur throws will be both soft and lightweight. They are often reversible with the faux fur side and the fleece side and allow you to decorate your interior without biting the skin of an animal and, moreover, at a lower cost. In addition, your faux fur blanket will create a rather special atmosphere on your sofa or as a throw on your bed and will not cause you any allergies. The only downside it might have is that it can create static electricity.

What colour or pattern should I choose?

Choosing the right blankets that will match your tastes and blend perfectly with your interior is an important choice. This will not only affect your outfit if it's a scarf or a sweater but also your mood if it's a sofa or bed throw, so it's worth taking some time to find the colour that will be perfect. You're in luck. Imperial Rooms offers a throw and blanket of all colours! From orange to navy blue to duck green, there is something for everyone.

Colour, is an aspect not to be overlooked

The first thing to consider when choosing a Sherpa blanket is its colour. If you are looking for a bolder style, opt for green, white or blue throws. We offer many shades of green blankets, such as apple green blanket, verdigris blanket or Navy blue blanket, and several blue blankets such as sky blue blanket or navy blue blanket. They will stand out and bring a touch of character to your interior or your outfit, especially in winter. Their unique colour can match a mustard yellow blanket, black or even peony red sofa. If you are looking for something more subtle, try red or ocher blanket, which will work best during fall. The yellow, orange and pink blankets will also bring a touch of pep and originality to your rooms.

Which pattern to lean towards when choosing a blanket?

The second thing to look at when choosing your blanket is the pattern it will have. It will testify to the taste and character you want to bring to your interior decoration or give you a smile when you watch it cover your feet on winter or summer evenings. Blankets are available in different patterns such as tartan, also called Scottish pattern, chevron, Scandinavian pattern or checkered pattern. But they can also be adorned with a beautiful Christmas print, stars or coloured spots. You can choose its pattern according to your preference. If you want something simple and stylish, go with a blanket or chevron and if you want something more elaborate, go with tartan. If you want to go back to childhood, opt for Christmas blankets and if you want to travel, choose the Scandinavian blanket.

What size blanket should you choose?

Before choosing the size of your blanket and throws, think about the use it will have. Decoration on an armchair or on the edge of a sofa: prefer a small format so that it brings a little extra to your layout. Cocooning accessory: if you want to wrap yourself in your blanket during long winter evenings or just cover your feet when you're watching TV, choose a medium-sized blanket, it will meet your needs Bed throw to keep you warm while you sleep or during a Netflix and chill evening: opt for a blanket of dimensions adapted to those of your bed so that it covers it partially or entirely. Daily accessory: if you want to take your blanket everywhere with you, whether in your living room, in your bedroom or even on your shoulders when you are at your desk, adopt a small size that is easy to transport or fold.

Now you are ready to choose a blanket independently. But you surely want to know what is the ideal size for your blanket.

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