How to choose your bed linen

Do you want to renew your household linen and choose quality sheets?

In addition to the quality of your mattress, duvet and pillows, the choice of your bed linen will have an important influence on the quality of your sleep. Decorate with the help of our household linen products , this page gives you the keys to choosing the right bed linen:

  1. What elements to choose to make a cosy bed?
  2. What size to choose for your bed linen?
  3. What are the materials in which you will love to sleep?
  4. Each season is an opportunity to redecorate your room.

1. Which elements to choose to make a cosy bed?

Mattress protector, the essential to preserve your bedding. If this is not the case, we advise you to equip yourself with a mattress protector which will extend the life of your bedding. Mattresses are rarely designed to be washed, so we advise you to choose a good quality mattress protector to keep your bedroom clean.

A hygienic choice: Waterproof protects the mattress against minor nocturnal accidents of our children just as it prevents any traces of humidity linked to our perspiration. Check that it is micro-breathable if you opt for waterproof protection, often lined with a polyurethane layer. It must remain at the same time soft, flexible and above all, silent in use.

For more comfort - Waterproof or not, mattress pads are always made of fleece to provide a thin layer of 100% cotton that helps improve the comfort of your bed. It is a soft and breathable natural fibre, which is ideal for making household linen. For a well-made, well-protected bed, it is essential that your mattress protector adapts perfectly to your bedding and that it stays in place throughout the night. At Imperial Rooms, you can choose the size of mattress pad that suits you best depending on the thickness of your mattress:

  • Thick mattress: 40 cm cup
  • Standard mattress: 30 cm cup
  • Articulated mattress: an H-shaped mattress protector for perfect support

Fitted sheet, your comfort asset

As with mattress protectors, there are different cup sizes to make your fitted sheet fit your mattress. To choose the correct cup size, add 5 to 7cm to the thickness of your mattress. Most fitted sheets are in satin, 120 threads/cm². A fabric quality that offers softness and fluidity. There are also H-shaped extra deep fitted sheets specially designed for articulated beds for two people: the duo fitted sheet. The duo fitted sheet has elastic all around (and not just on the corners, like everywhere else) for optimal support. There are two sizes of duo fitted sheet:

  • In 160x200cm , which corresponds to 2 articulated mattresses of 80x200cm
  • In 180x200cm, which corresponds to 2 articulated mattresses of 90x200cm

Flat sheet, the little extra

Even if we go without it more often, the flat sheet is still appreciated for the additional comfort it brings us. It is in direct contact with our skin and contributes to our well-being all night. Plain or patterned, flat sheets are specially designed to complement bedding sets. The sheets are available in different sizes so that they can adapt to the size of your bed.

Duvet cover, the ideal size

To choose the ideal size, take the size of your mattress to which you add 40 cm of fallout. The duvet cover should be the same size as your duvet. Plain or patterned, damask or printed, everything will depend on your room's decor and your bed's favourite materials. A pretty bedroom is made with a duvet that falls at least 40 cm on each side. The price of duvet covers will depend first on its size and course on the material you have chosen: percale, satin, linen.

Pillowcase, choose shape and number.

Square or rectangular? In Europe, our pillows are generally square and measure 65 x 65 cm, and the corresponding pillowcases are sold smaller in 63 x 63 cm to preserve the swelling of the pillows. The pillows in the United kingdom are rectangular and measure 50 x 70 cm. This format is particularly appreciated by hotels that make their beds by adding pillows arranged in a cascade.

The trend is towards the multiplication of pillows on our beds. A well-stocked bed makes you want to throw yourself into it. It is welcoming. In addition to the pillows used for sleeping, there is also a whole collection of cushions intended to complete our bedroom decor. The pillow is a bedding and decorative accessory that allows you to bring a little fantasy into your bedroom by mixing sizes, colours, and designs.

Throw: what size should you choose for a well-decorated bedroom?

Another essential decorative element for your bedroom, the velvet bedspread, also called a quilt, is available in different sizes to adapt to all bedrooms. Discover our collection of quilts, throws and bedspreads.

2. What dimensions to choose for your bed linen?

In this table, you will find the dimensions that our experts recommend. Guide: How to choose the right size for your bedding sets. The dimensions of your bed linen must be adapted to the size of your bed:

 Bed Sizes

Mattress cover

Fitted sheet

Flat sheet

Duvet cover


90x190cm bed:




140x200cm or 200x200cm



140x190cm bed:




200x200cm or 240x220cm



160x200cm bed:




240x220cm or 260x240cm



180x200cm bed:




260x240cm or 280x235cm



Double bed with 2 articulated beds of 80x200cm:


80x200cm or a duo version of 160 x 200cm with a small cap (20 or 30cm)


240x220cm or 260x240cm



More specifically, what size duvet cover for a 140x190 bed?

The commonly used duvet cover size is 240x220 cm. Depending on the thickness of the duvet slipped inside, this gives a drop of 40 to 45 cm on each side of the bed. However, some beds are higher than others. In particular, depending on the thickness of the mattress, it is possible to use a 260x240cm super king bedding duvet cover to have a more covering fallout. This also makes it easier for users because everyone can wrap themselves in the duvet without risking disturbing their neighbour.

3. What are the materials in which you will love to sleep?

Which ones should be favoured to spend sweet nights?

Cotton percale: soft, matte and light, this is our customers' favourite material.

This material, called " weave ", results from a weave comprising 80 to 90 threads/cm². The density of threads per cm² also indicates the quality of the bed linen. The higher the density, the stronger the fabric will be.

Cotton satin: ultra soft and silky, this is the most requested material by the hotels and palaces we equip. Plain or jacquard satin beds reflect the light more because it is denser. With a weave of 120 threads/cm², cotton sateen offers a fabric quality detectable to the touch: sateen is smoother than other weaves.

Cotton gauze: light, supple and soft, is a fascinating summer material. Generally doubled for the manufacture of bed linen, gauze is recognizable by its naturally embossed, slightly crumpled appearance.

Washed linen: cool in summer and soft in winter.

Linen is the all-season material par excellence. Also highly appreciated for its authentic, natural feel, linen is washed to soften its fibres. Linen is a material that does not need to be ironed.

Velvet: trendy in Nordic countries for its warmth.

The velvet duvet cover comprises a polyester velvet front and a 120 threads/cm² satin back, which will be in contact with our body. This material is soft, shiny, resistant to machine drying and does not need to be ironed. The velvet stretches naturally after washing.

4. Each season is an opportunity to redecorate your bedroom.

Live to the rhythm of the seasons. From fresh and summery bed linen sets to soft and cocooning bed linen sets, Imperial Rooms designers are inspired by the fashion trends of the coming season to create colourful and original collections that give the tone to our interiors.

Plain bed linen: If you are a fan of timeless plain sets, you will be all the more sensitive to the textures used. At Imperial Rooms, we offer a wide choice of fabrics that offer you the best comfort for your nights. (see our subject guide above).If you want to add a touch of fantasy: opt for original pillowcases or decorative cushions that you can change with the seasons.

If you are looking for original bed linen, we advise you to discover our models:

Jacquard bed linen: The plain version is a good compromise between a simple traditional plain and more creative sheets. The tone-and-tone woven jacquard bedding design is discreet and very elegant. These adornments contribute to creating a bedroom with elegant and timeless decor.