How to choose the right curtain rod?

All our advice for choosing the right curtain rod!

Indispensable to our windows to install pretty curtains, the curtain rod or bar is much more complex to choose than it seems and can raise many questions. What type of curtain rod to choose? Which curtain rod end piece to choose? What are the different materials that exist? So many questions that we propose to address to help you choose the right curtain rod.

Summary :

  1. Choosing your curtain rod on the technical side.
  2. Choose your decorative curtain rod!

Choosing your curtain rod on the technical side.

First, to choose your curtain rod, you must ask yourself some technical questions. The first and most important is whether you can make holes in your walls (this depends on your status – tenant or owner – and the nature of your walls). Depending on this, you have two options:

If you can pierce your walls, you will opt for a traditional curtain rod that you will place in brackets fixed to the wall via pegs. It doesn't require a lot of equipment or skill, just a little precision!

Conversely, if you do not wish or cannot drill through the walls of your home, you will have to opt for alternative solutions. For example, the suction cup rod, which, as its name suggests, sticks to the wall without any work but will not support the weight of heavy curtains (such as large velvet curtains) or double curtains. Another option: is the extendable curtain rod, which is fixed between two walls thanks to springs, and which does not require drilling, nails or glueing. The last solution you can also put your rods on the window frames. Note that this solution will be to remember mainly if you need more space between the top of the window and the ceiling.

Regarding the length of the rod, know that it must exceed 20 cm on each side. As you will have understood, you must first choose a rod adapted to your window and its use.

Choose your decorative curtain rod!

Once the technical model has been selected between classic curtain rods or rods without drilling, it's time for the decoration! Yes: just like the curtains that will decorate your interior, the curtain rod will highlight the frame of your windows and must therefore be chosen with care – especially in the context of 100% decorative curtains that will never be drawn and will often leave the rod visible!

And there, good news, you will literally be spoiled for choice. You were first, concerning the materials. Indeed, today you will find rods in plastic and PVC (neutral or coloured), wood, metal or even transparent models in Plexiglas. Unsurprisingly, we advise you to choose a material that matches your interior: wood for a natural or country style, metal for an industrial or loft style, and plastic for a pop or vintage style.

Then, please do the same for the choice of end caps that will be fixed on either side of the curtain rod (not all are equipped with them, especially extendable curtain rod and bars, but it's still more aesthetic). You will find contemporary models with geometric shapes, more classic models with flowers or swirls or very discreet and even simple round tips. Keep in mind the style of your curtains so that the rod matches the best!