How to choose your curtains?

Curtains are the highlight of your room. A significant charm asset, they allow you to accentuate an atmosphere or a style. The curtains are available in a wide range of models of different sizes and colours. So how to choose your curtains? Here we reveal some practical advice on the type of curtain that suits your home.

Curtains should fit the room.

Your curtains must marry with the style and decoration of your room: Liberty decor, contemporary style, Scandinavian, ethnic, classic or original trend. You can also choose curtains that take up tonnes or the precise pattern of a small decoration element. Your net curtains will find a place of choice in your interior.

Choose the colour of the curtains.

Black and white remain classics that avoid bad taste. For the more daring, you can use your curtains to play with various pops of colour. Light tones expand the room, and dark colours shrink the space. Curtains can add sparkle to your room and create exciting contrasts and plays of light.

Curtain patterns and stripes

Patterned curtains are usually reserved for spacious and bright rooms. In a small room, they can feel stuffy. However, use only a few patterns that could weigh down your decoration. The patterns also make it possible to correct certain defects in your interior. For a window that is too high, opt for horizontal stripes. For a window that is too low, choose vertical stripes. If the ceiling is too low or too present in your room, bet on the patterns to transform the visual perception. Finally, if your room is narrow, pinstripes are ideal.

The subjects

Delicate fabrics such as linen or muslin give a particular delicacy to your room. To enhance antique furniture, however, it is necessary to opt for heavier fabrics. Think of curtains made in beautiful fabrics with stunning finishes (silk, taffeta, velvet). If you mix several fabrics, check that they are of the same weight.

The materials used also depend on where the curtains will be placed. For example, to dress the openings exposed to the south, all materials and colours are suitable; this is different for the windows which are exposed to the north. For the latter, it is necessary to favour curtains with heavy fabrics and warm tones for a warm room. In a room without shutters or shutters, pretty dark-lining blackout curtains will be ideal for blocking the light. For rooms with shutters, lighter curtains will be enough to protect you from prying eyes without blocking out the sunlight. For a sleek and designer style, perfect in a, you can also opt for blinds.

The size

The curtain rod must be placed 15 cm above the window, and the curtain must exceed 15 cm on each side of the opening frames. Remember to leave a space of 1 cm between the floor and your curtains for a more aesthetic result. If you want to give a pleated effect to your curtains, you must allow twice the width of your window.

Curtains else where.

Curtains are not only attributed to windows. They can also be convenient for dividing a room into two. For example, if two children share the same room, they allow each to create their own space. The curtains can also hide or close storage furniture without doors, such as the layout of a dressing room or the underside of a staircase.