How To Choosing The Right Bedspreads?

A bedspread is a piece of fabric that covers the entire bed. It can also be called a quilt or plaid. For many years, it has remained a favourite accessory in the bedroom. This is due to its many advantages, both aesthetically and in terms of hygiene and comfort. And that is why its purchase requires the utmost attention. Here are some things to consider if you want to choose your bedspread well.

Outline of the article

  1. The different types of bedspreads
  2. The boutis bedspread
  3. The bed throw
  4. The bedspread
  5. The material of the bedspread
  6. The dimensions
  7. The bedspread is in harmony with the linen

The different types of bedspreads

To begin with, you should know that there are several types of bedspreads: quilts bedspreads and bedspreads. Although these three models have points in common, they also have differences.

The boutis bedspread

The quilt is a fairly rustic style of the bedspread. It is a quilted and quilted fabric, the production of which was first made in the 15th century. It is often filled with embroidery patterns and designs.

The bed throw

Made from materials such as wool, the bedspread, as its name suggests, is a bedspread that is thrown directly on the bed. It thus envelops the mattress, the blanket, the pillowcases, as well as the other elements making up the bedding.

The bedspread

Thinner than the previous models, the bedspread can be flat or quilted. Usually, it is made from material like cotton, velvet or silk.

The material of the bedspread

There are different fabrics to create a bedspread. Here are the different materials from which bedspread models can be made.

The cotton bedspread: material (satin and velvet bedspreads ) known for its sumptuous softness. It can be pretty expensive, although its maintenance is simple.

The wool plaid: thermo regulating, wool is a soft and warm material at the same time. This material is definitely recommended in winter.

The linen bedspread: it is breathable a reasonably lightweight. Therefore, you will feel great satisfaction during the summer.

Down: a soft and natural insulator, it is, therefore, the first choice if you want a bedspread close to wool.

Polyester :  is a very affordable material, but it degrades faster than others, and its comfort is lower than that of natural materials.

The dimensions

In order to be sure that the bedspread you have chosen is compatible with your needs, it is essential to measure the dimensions of your bed beforehand. Because if the bedspread is smaller than your bed, it will only partially cover the bed. And if it is much larger, it will overflow or drag on the ground.

Therefore, providing about 50 cm for the fallout on each side of the bed is safer. For example, for a bed of 90×190 cm, you must opt ​​for a bedspread with a dimension of 180×240 cm.

The bedspread is in harmony with the linen.

The bed is one of the essential elements of your bedroom. Indeed, it is one of the things you see first when you enter a room, hence the reason for putting it. To do this, it is advisable to play on bedding accessories and bed linen. Opt for colours, patterns, good quality materials or even designer fabrics. The choice is then wide: velvet cushion cover, woolen plaid or satin bed throw. The bedding set is made up of items like pillowcases, duvet covers, fitted sheets, and flat sheets. Many stores and online sites offer beautiful bedspreads made of washed cotton sateen, soft, breathable, comfortable and exquisite linen.

Also, prefer discreet and original colours that will have little trouble blending into the decor and giving you a perfect shine.