How to find the perfect sofa cover that suits you best

A sofa is a place of retreat and relaxation. However, it is much more than just a piece of furniture. Today it is a design object that gives every room a high visual value. This is because a living room, in which a sofa is, in most cases, the centre of the life of the family or household.

What you should consider when choosing the right sofa cover

A cover can give a piece of furniture a completely new look. Above all, there is a wide range of possibilities that affect the variability of the design. However, care must always be taken to ensure that the sofa cover meets the requirements. This means that the circumstances must be considered and checked in advance. Especially when pets may use the furniture as well. But children can also put a lot of strain on a cover. If both aspects apply, you should choose a piece of robust upholstery fabric. You should then refrain from a cover made of natural or artificial leather. Because the claws of pets quickly leave unsightly marks on such a cover. Even a textile that looks like it is woven is rather impractical. That's because there are relatively large gaps in such a product. The claws of the animals can then penetrate into these gaps, and threads are pulled as a result. But dirt and crumbs also settle wonderfully in such gaps.

How to choose the right colour and pattern for your sofa cover

So if you have decided on a robust upholstery fabric without a coarse weave, you are spoiled for choice regarding colour. In principle, every colour and every pattern can be chosen. However, you should also carefully consider your needs here. According to the case that the sofa is also used by children and pets, a sensitive fabric should also be avoided here. White and cream shades look very classy and beautiful. However, this colour selection attracts stains just too magically. Remember that new clothes, especially jeans or brightly coloured trousers, can easily rub off. A white sofa is terrific but requires a lot of care and is unsuitable for everyday use.

When it comes to patterns, there are hardly any limits to your imagination. But you should pay attention to the room concept here because different patterns create different atmospheres. You should think carefully about the pattern size because if the pattern is too small, it will be overwhelming. This is also the case if the pattern is too large for the room. With some time and thought, you can use these tips to find the ideal waterproof sofa cover for you.