What is the best dog car seat cover in 2022?

Summary :

  • What is a dog car seat cover?

  • Why use a dog seat cover?

  • How to Choose the Best Dog Car Seat Cover?

  • What are the best dog car seat covers in 2022?

Many want to transport our dogs by car during our trips, outings or walks. However, the dog's hair, dirt on the paws and the animal's movements can dirty and damage the car seats. Also, it can then release foul odors. Where the dog car seat (or cover) comes in, protecting your bench or seat from your pet's hair, dirt and scratches. At the same time, provide some comfort to your pet. Often, it is associated with a safety harness for the dog. But the dog car seat cover is available in several models on the market, but it is often difficult to choose. This guide will find everything you need to know about it. I would also make you discover the best models on the market.

What is a dog car seat cover?

The dog car seat cover is a device that protects your car against different types of dirt. It must be said that cleaning stains on the car's fabric is not as easy as you might think. Depending on the type of fabric, some stains may be impossible to remove afterwards. You must know that cleaning your dog's hair and other dirt can be a real daily and very unpleasant experience. The dog car cover (or seat) is a universal tool that will be placed on the back seat or on a seat. Thus, once removed from the cabin, you usually have no trace of the passage of your animal. We find them in several shapes and formats and adapt them to the particularities of each vehicle and each animal. Hence the importance of choosing well.

Why use a dog seat cover?

There are many benefits to using a dog seat cover.

Protect your car from costly damage

The animal can quickly damage the seats of your car and the various components of the vehicle (plastic, trim). Pet damage can be very costly in terms of future maintenance and repair. You will then be forced to replace the door panels and the exterior coverings because of scratches and damage caused by the dog.

Reduce hair, dirt and allergens  

Your dog often brings in hair, dust, dirt and other contaminants from outside. These can get caught in the fibres of the seats or the carpet. Covers or car seats for dogs are thus very effective because you will only have to remove and wash them to get rid of this dirt.

Make your dog more comfortable.

And yes, because that matters too! When your dog has a dedicated cover or car seat, they will have more comfortable support during travel. It will give him more freedom of movement and superior comfort. Generally, this equipment is designed in soft and comfortable materials so that your pet feels perfectly at home there!

What are the types of dog car seat covers?

There are four types of car seat covers for dogs that can be used depending on your dog's location.

The back seat dog cover

This is a cover model that is placed in the back seat of your vehicle. Bench seat covers remain very popular and protect the seat surface. On the other hand, these covers allow your dog to have a larger surface to enjoy the walk properly. They sometimes go up on the files and perfectly delimit the space dedicated to the pet.

The front seat dog cover

If your dog does not sit in the back of the car, you will certainly like to place him in the front seat. The models of covers for the front are thus designed to be placed on the passenger side of the vehicle.

Dog car seat

It is generally a seat (or a box) placed on the bench seat or the passenger seat. Also, there are sometimes covers that can be folded into four and thus form a well-defined space for your dog. This is handy if your dog tends to move around in your vehicle or if you don't want him to move around during trips.

Car door covers

As you probably know, some dogs like to stand on the doorstep. If this is the case with yours, you will need a cover to protect your car door. This can protect your door against scratches, scratches and chewing. It is essential to clarify that a car door cover can sometimes work on car seats.

How to Choose the Best Dog Car Seat Cover?

There are several criteria to consider when choosing the right dog car seat covers.

The material of manufacture

You will certainly have the choice between several subjects. Nevertheless, I advise you to choose a comfortable, waterproof, permanent and scratch-resistant material. Generally, the majority of seat covers are made from cotton.

Weight capacity

This is a criterion often overlooked by motorists when buying. You must take into account the adult weight of the breed of dog you have at home.

Product Quality

Of course, it will be necessary to favour a cover and a seat robust enough not to be damaged by the claws of your animal, its weight, or sudden movements. This goes through the quality of the materials (fabric, foam) and the quality of manufacture and finish.

Also, a quality cover will bring better comfort to your animal, even on rough roads.

Compatibility with your car

Generally, covers and dog seats are universal. That is to say that they will be compatible with most vehicles on the market. That being said, nothing prevents you from taking a quick look at the dimensions, especially if you have an atypical vehicle, a city car or a large 4X4.

The hanging system

Finally, you will have to check the method of hanging and fixing your cover or dog car seat. It can be done on the headrests, using rubber bands, velcro, straps or be posable. See what suits you best.


What are the best dog car seat covers on the market in 2022?

Now, I'm going to tell you about the best models I've found on the market:

Imperial Rooms Dog Car Seat Cover

  • Imperial Rooms seat cover waterproof and machine washable, making it a breeze to clean.
  • Treated with stain to resist spills and stains.


Sizes:148 x 148 cm

Colour: Black

Front Material: 75 G Microfiber (Waterproof)

Back Material: 60 G Non-Woven

Filling: 120 G

Washing instructions: Washable.