How To Use A Fleece Blanket To Decorate Your Room

It can be not easy, but we're all attempting to make our houses seem warm and inviting during the winter. Everyone enjoys a clean slate and a fresh start for the new year, even though our houses can feel empty after the holidays and all the lovely sparkling lights are gone. It allows me to survey each room and determine what still serves our family and doesn't.

Consider using items you already have and imagining how you want your home to feel throughout this season rather than spending too much time overthinking how to design precisely for winter. Welcoming, comfortable, or warm.

Warm wood tones, candles, soft textures, blankets, and winter whites come to mind. If your home is anything like mine, you probably have a dozen or more fleece blanket waiting to be cuddled up this winter in your living room or bedroom. Why not use them to decorate instead of throwing them away? Using comfortable blankets can help you organise your spaces a little bit and also simplify winter decoration!

Over A Couch, Draped

Throws should be placed where they can be used when deciding how to display them. Nothing could be cosier than sinking into a couch and grabbing a throw. What makes this look work?

Lay the throw flat, then grasp the throw right in the middle. Place that centre over the back of the couch and let it dangle down from there. The remainder will come together naturally—place pillows on top of the throw after fluffing and arranging it.

Throws Are Folded All Over Folded Up On A Stool

 If they have pom-poms or tassels, you should fold them, so they are all on the same side. Allow the pom-poms or tassels to hang over the side of the stool after folding the throw to suit it. It is available here.

Draped Over A Basket's Side

To create this look, you need at least a little quantity of elevation to work with. This is typically accomplished by stacking one or two throws in a basket, folding the cutest throw, and draping it over the side.

Tray On Top Draped Over The Bed's Corner

This simple technique gives the end of the bed some colour and texture. Finding the bed's corner closest to the entryway is essential to pulling off this design. Lay the throw flat afterwards, then grab the throw right in the middle. Place the centre over the corner of the bed and let it dangle. Place a tray on top of the remaining portion of the throw, which will fluff into place.

Draped Over A Chair's Arm

This blanket and weighted blanket has just arrived at the residence. That's so cute. It comes in various sizes and styles and may be customised with your initial and hung over the side of a chair while someone awaits some company and coffee.

Folded At The Foot Of The Bed

This is an EASY way to give your throw the appearance of being much more significant. The end of your bed could use a little colour. Just fold a Sherpa blanket or duvet in half (for height and cosiness). The throw should be folded in thirds and positioned on top of the duvet cover. The duvet cover in white is lovely. But it looks fantastic when you add the navy throw's splash of colour.

Over A Bench, Draped

Possess a bench? Why not include a throw? Just flung a throw over the side of the bench in the entryway last fall to add colour and texture. The room will feel cosier right away if you add any of these.

With A Pillow In The Middle, The Chair Is Wholly Draped

A chair replaces the table in this version of the same thing. You go all out rather than just draping it over the chair's arm. Add a pillow on top after placing it over the chair's centre. You can see various colour variations of this throw.

Ladder Folded Over

This ladder was taken out of the garbage, leaned against the wall in the living room, and had a throw folded into thirds placed to it. The ends would be draped to the rear if you wanted to add additional throws to the ladder. It's a simple way to give the room a bit of colour and texture.

Over A Dining Chair Draped

The end chairs at the dining table should have a blanket. You can fold it in thirds, drape it over the chair's back, or throw it over the corner. It's a surprising method to make the dining room cosier.