The best covers to carry your dog in the trunk or the back seats of your car.

When you want to drive your dog to the park before taking him out for a walk, when you take it on board during a road trip, take him to the vet when you need to get him into your vehicle.

It would be best if you often turned your pet into a travel companion. And the truth is that these occasions also include the rainy days in which the dog gets into the vehicle drenched to the bone or those in which he decides to go through puddles and mud before leaving his hooves marked by all the upholstery. It is not even necessary that the dog has gotten dirty for your car to end up as a pigsty. It is enough that your dog is in the phase of the year in which he loses hair in abundance, so the seats end up like the floor of a hairdresser.

That is why almost all dog owners always have a blanket or tarp on hand in the car to cover the seats to protect them from hair and stains. However, e-commerce platforms such as Imperial Rooms offer much more specific and better-prepared covers than this temporary solution.

Why? Well, for very little money, they solve not only the problem of keeping the car clean but also other problems derived from the presence of a pet inside the vehicle, such as security.

In general, the most outstanding covers of this type on Imperial Rooms :


They are usually made of waterproof dog car set cover materials to avoid staining the seats if your dog pees inside the car during the journey.

Quality fabrics

They are usually made of quality fabrics, resistant to rubbing, scratches and wear, and covered on the bottom with non-slip rubber to prevent the cover from moving around the seat with the dog on it.

With fixing systems

One of the keys to these solutions, compared to the improvised solution of the blanket thrown on the seat or the trunk, is that they are perfectly attached to fixed elements inside the car, such as the headrests of the seats, through fasteners, or the upholstery, with Velcro.


The covers designed to separate the back seat area are prepared to block access from that area to the driver and co-driver areas. Of course, this separation is made by employing a grid that allows the dog to see the occupants of the front seats at all times and thus remain calm. In addition, some of the covers on this list have zippers that allow the area that wraps down the seats in the door area to be raised. In this way, a kind of cubicle is generated in which the dog is locked up to reinforce security further.