Bed Throws, How To Choose?
What is the difference between a bedspread, a bedspread and a quilt? 
What material to choose?
What is the correct size? 
Discover our guide to choosing the right bed throw!

To begin with, what is a bed throw?

It is an element of household linen affixed above sheets and blankets. It used to prevent soiling when someone sits at the end of the bed, but today it has become an essential part of our bedding! Aesthetic, comforting, warm bed throws are a superb asset to your bed linen set. The question that remains then is: How to choose it? It is precisely for this reason that the O household linen team has concocted this little guide for you.


The bedspread is an element that, as its name suggests, covers most of the bed. The quilt is a piece of quilted fabric covering the entire bed. Its Provençal origins and its often very worked aspects offer a finished decorative aspect.To finish with what really interests us, a bed throw is a kind of blanket, or sheet, thrown at the end of the bed. This can serve as a cover as a purely aesthetic detail.


Cotton: Cotton does not have this heavy and thick aspect. It is available in an extensive range of choices and is easily maintained.

Satin: Satin is a very noble and luxurious material. Its softness and warmth are incomparable.

Wool: Their main asset remains the warmth they provide. This material is ideally suited to the winter season.

Synthetic: Especially suitable for people with allergies. Their lightness and ease of maintenance take precedence. As for the heat, it is not the desired effect.

Down: The natural filling from feathers and down has the advantage of being soft, pleasant and warm.

The colour

In terms of colours, several possibilities are available to you. You can create a shade of colour starting from the colour of your duvet cover and your pillows or choose a completely different colour to contrast with the rest of the decor. You can also match the colour of your bedspread with other elements in the bedroom, such as the curtains or the carpet, to create a colour reminder.For a harmonious decoration, avoid marrying too many colours together. Choose a dominant colour and do not combine more than three colours for one and the same piece.

The style

There are many models of bedspreads: from quilted quilts to faux fur throws, including light linen fabrics... Depending on your decorating desires, here are our tips for choosing the best bedspread: For a romantic or rustic style: opt for the boutis! Quilted and thick, it instantly recalls the cosy beds of our grandmothers; For a natural style: favour a thin bed and throw in natural materials, such as linen or cotton. In the style of a fouta, for example; For a bohemian style: opt for an embroidered, knitted or macramé bedspread, a model with flowers or even a textured model in natural fibres; For a Scandinavian cocooning style: fall for woollen or faux fur plaid; For a modern or industrial style: opt for a simple, thin bedspread in a solid colour.


Normally, the throw is supposed to fall to the feet of the bed. You should ideally allow a 20 to 30 cm drop on each side. It is also very likely to fall off if chosen too small. Then it's up to you. Shape and styles vary. It seems essential to know the exact size of your bed. In addition to bringing you warmth when you need it, the bedspread is a very trendy decorative accessory. For a cocooning atmosphere, this is what you need! In addition, the bed throw is an excellent protector of your bed linen against dust and dirt. It is also very often recommended for guest rooms. Once adopted, you won't be able to do without it! We hope that our little bed throw guide will help you make your choice. We remain at your disposal in case of additional questions or hesitations; see you soon for a new article.