Tips and selection of curtains for the living room

Well-dressed windows undeniably make a living room more cheerful and cosy. The curtains also protect from vis-à-vis and the cold while modulating the light. Lending themselves to all types of decoration the curtains for the living room are chosen according to needs and tastes.

Choosing the suitable curtains for a living room

Curtains help to make a living room more welcoming. These fabric panels protect, create an intimate atmosphere, bring a final decorative touch, block out the light or allow you to make the most of natural light. Unlike dark colours, light colours visually enlarge the room. For windows that are too high, it is advisable to create a visual break by choosing horizontal stripes and increasing the height of the valance. Conversely, in the case of windows that are too low, we will opt for vertical stripes. It is possible to set up a ceiling hanging system and choose pencil pleat curtains.

The patterns of the living room curtains quickly transform the visual perception, whether the ceiling is too present or too low. For example, thin stripes are indicated in narrow rooms.

The point on the length and width of the curtains

The dimensions of the curtains must perfectly fit the doors and windows. Ideally, the best would be to have one meter more and at least 50 cm because this surplus will give the folds on the curtains. So, for a one-meter doorway, a two-meter-wide curtain will be needed. The length, for its part, depends on the type of fabric. Indeed, a piece of thick fabric will hold correctly in place, even if it is the same length as the door or the window. For light fabric curtains, like muslin, it is better to add 90x90 curtains and 40 and 70 cm more to the length. This margin will provide some weight to the interior borders and prevent the curtains from blowing the slightest gust of wind. If in doubt, adding 10cm to the measurements for fabrics that may shrink in the wash is recommended.

To take the measurements of the window curtains, simply multiply the rod length by 1.5 to 2. To obtain the height, starting from the top of the rod towards the ground is necessary. Here, two options are possible:

Choose a fall of 2 cm above the ground (practical if the colour of the fabric is light because it does not collect dust);

Choose a brittle, more contemporary drape by adding 5 cm.

Colours and patterns for living room curtains

A wide selection of living room curtain patterns and colours is available in speciality stores. The panels are chosen according to the colour of the walls, furniture, floor and ceiling.

For a classic and chic decor

Solid colour living room curtains are perfect for chic and sober interior decoration. Choose from white, light grey, beige ,off-white, black, and grey curtains among others.

In the case of a modern decoration

As part of modern decoration, brightly coloured curtains bring a touch of dynamism and modernity.

To keep an original style.

The curtains lend themselves easily to all decorative styles. Keep a touch of creativity zebra, leopard or liberty prints are ideal. Geometric patterns are a good choice for those worried about overdoing it.

Top on the finish

Several finishes are offered for living room curtains. Featuring easy-to-maneuver and low-profile metal rings, the eyelets are suitable for a modern style. In addition to a regular wave, they create a perfect fall. More luxury living rooms with gathered braids curtains have hooks that slide on a rail. When provided with Flemish pleats, they become sophisticated and voluminous. Although they offer a romantic and natural effect, ties and tabs should be avoided on curtains that are handled daily.

Which fabric to choose for living room curtains?

Polyester is a star in terms of material for living room curtains. In addition, it is multifaceted and can take on the appearance of linen, cotton, suede or organza. A polyester curtain is practical because it does not fear UV rays, unlike cotton or linen. Likewise, it wrinkles a little. Opt for a linen, cotton or polyester veil is ideal in a living room. Polyester and cotton combine with a contemporary atmosphere, while linen is suitable for decoration with a country spirit. The taffeta, silk and velvet curtains add a touch of refinement.

Choose between made-to-measure or ready-to-hang curtains.

Those who are short on time prefer ready made curtains in different sizes. To obtain a perfect fall, an iron-on strip that will serve as a hem is recommended. Custom confections, for their part, are interesting for atypical living room windows.

Tips for protecting yourself from the cold

Curtains associated with a light sheer effectively protect vis-à-vis without blocking light and sight. Install a double rod to place the curtains in front and the sheers behind. In addition, opting for curtains with thermal lining is advisable to avoid unpleasant cold sensations in front of the bay windows. This type of  is always blackout curtains, featuring an insulating metallic textile on the reverse.