Top Ideas for Decorating your bedroom with Curtains

Curtains are important to consider when decorating your home. They offer the perfect balance of light control while still looking stylish. You may have seen so many types of curtains before, but you might be reluctant to choose one perfect pair for your own home.

However, beautiful curtains can be an excellent choice when you’re aiming to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere in your home, as well as making sure that you get enough sleep every night in your bedroom. 

Regardless of how much you love your bedroom, you can likely find several ideas to improve it by simply installing a set of curtains. For one thing, there is a misconception that curtains can only be used in homes.

That said, they are also a great choice for any place including, offices, media rooms and other spaces where you need a little extra dark environment from time to time. They can be made by any fabric at home, purchased from a homeware store or can be custom-made to fit almost any size window. 

Choosing any kind of curtain for living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms requires some advice. We are providing some top ideas for decorating your bedroom with curtains that are essential for knowing before choosing a pair of curtains for bedroom decor.

Bedroom decor ideas with curtains 

The window offers light and fresh air, and when it's dressed in the right way, it can also offer privacy, security, and aesthetic appeal. There are so many types of curtains available in the market. Among them, blackout curtains are great for bedrooms. 

They help you sleep better and wake up more rested, and they block out excess light so the things you own can be appreciated for their true beauty. 

Generally, curtains come in a wide range of fabrics,  colours, and patterns and if you have no idea what type of curtains you should use to dress windows to look their best,  here are some tips for choosing the right curtains for your bedroom’s windows. 

Go for light shades for a cosy and classic bedroom environment 

For creating a classic, cosy bedroom vibe, choose curtains in light and relaxing shades such as cream, beige and light grey. Our beige, light grey and cream blackout curtains are carefully curated to elicit the correct mood and oftentimes, they are associated with serenity. This type of colour scheme is perfect for a bedroom space because it provides an environment where you can de-stress after a hectic boring day.

When choosing a comforter for your bed, choose something with a soothing pattern and an earthy colour scheme to really bring the room together.

These colours also create a complete look particularly paired with darker shade wall themes or wallpapers. It will add some depth to your walls while also creating a cosy environment.

Add something glittery against plain walls

You can't go wrong with a little sparkle. When you're decorating a bedroom having neutral colour wall paints, there are so many things you could do. 

You could choose to go with a minimalistic approach, but then you risk being too plain or boring. You could add splashes of colour via bright colour curtains, but then you risk having your room look like an explosion of paint. 

To help you all to give their bedrooms the love and attention they deserve, opt for some glittery shades against plain coloured wall themes. 

Our embossed blackout curtains in silver, black and charcoal induce a little bit of fancy and glittery touch to your plain bedrooms. These modernistic blackout curtains will ensure your bedroom looks attractive and well-decorated. 

Set your intimate bedroom with a regal touch

Who says you can't have light or refined colours for an intimate bedroom? When choosing colours for an intimate bedroom, your goal must be to create a calming space that makes it easy for your partner and you to relax.

Bear in mind that, it should not be too sweet or soft accented. It's best to add some rich regal colours like purple, gold and blue curtains that make you sure to feel like royalty as soon as you set foot inside!

Choose eyelet curtain heading for elegance

Choosing the perfect curtain heading style is important, especially if you want your curtains to enhance the look and feel of your home decor. 

While you might believe that the biggest factor when choosing your curtain heading style should be about what you like the most and what costs the least, there are actually some other factors that you will have to consider.

Choose what you see as a stylish accent for your home. Eyelet curtains look delicate and lovely, and they can give your curtains a subtle and sophisticated look. 

You are obviously looking for luxury window treatments, choose the best selection and highest quality at the most affordable price. But above all, you want something that will last. We got you! We have eyelet blackout curtains that are known for their elegance, simplicity and contemporary feel. 

Set up traditional bedroom decor with patterned curtains

If you’re like most people, who want their bedroom as a quiet retreat they need and deserve but in a traditional way. Then set up your bedroom with some elegant pattern curtains is the way to go. 

You can create a beautiful and comfortable traditional bedroom design with a pair of patterned curtains. Furthermore, adding some beautiful patterns to your room decor provides tranquillity and beauty. 

Match your curtain with other bedroom furnishings

Think of your bedroom as a sanctuary. The importance of the bedroom is not limited to the quality of its furnishings, but also the colour scheme. Matching the colour of your curtain with other furnishings in your bedroom creates a sense of harmony.

If you have neutral shade furniture, then it is easy to match the curtain colour. If it is of darker colour, then you should pick blackout curtains that are of the same colour tone. Bear in mind that it’s important to choose the right curtain for your bedroom.

Not only should it be functional, but it should also be able to blend well with the rest of your bedroom furnishings. You can check out the matching bedding sets available in stock to save yourself from doing extra effort in matching your bedding with curtains and to bring everything together with just one purchase. 

Mix two shades for a crisp

Matching bedding with a curtain is one way to set up your bedroom like a pro. However, there is another way to decor your bedroom by adding two colours for a crisp and clean look that is hard to beat. A contrasting decor scheme offers a clean, eye-pleasing effect to your bedroom. 

Whatever the colour of your bedding is, choose curtains that are of contrasting shade. In case your bedding is white, you can choose blue curtains to add vibrancy and contrast.

Using opposite colours can change the feel of any bedroom dramatically by playing off the natural energy in each shade, and adding a crisp layer to your space.

Add some fun colour curtains to the children’s bedroom 

Children's bedrooms should be fun places for them to spend time in. Their rooms must not be boring and tedious.

You must take your child's taste into consideration and set their bedroom accordingly. However, in general, children love spending time in fun colours. Bright colour blackout curtains shut out the light, best for setting up a bedroom for kids to get some rest peacefully. 

Adding bright colour curtains such as red, blue and pink blackout curtains to your child’s bedroom is an easy way of creating privacy, making them happy, and comfortable.

Hang curtain from ceiling to floor 

Hanging curtains is often a matter of personal taste, but it's not always easy to find the right style for your room. A simple solution is to hang curtains from ceiling to floor, which makes your room look broader and cover more space.

The key with hanging curtains from ceiling to floor is to choose a length that works for your room’s ceiling height without looking too long or short. 

To determine the proper length of curtain needed, measure from the curtain rod to the window down to the floor and add 2 inches for each side. This gives you enough fabric to hang curtains that touch the floor. 

It's also important to consider how high your ceilings are, as this will dramatically affect how lengthy your curtains need to be. 

Also,  keep in mind that draping too much fabric on the floor can be problematic. However, it makes curtains a little bit heavier than the usual standard size curtains. 

Therefore,  use the best quality curtain rods to support heavy curtain drapes that carry the weight of heavy curtains effectively and put them on matching rods if possible.

How curtains can make your bedroom more private?

The bedroom is the place where you rest at the end of your hectic day so it is significant to make it look and feel comfortable, cosy, and relaxing. Along with the cosy interior, tranquilliser wall art, and comfortable bedding, curtains are making a huge difference in making you feel at ease. 

Adds privacy 

Bedrooms are private places and they should be designed in a way that doesn’t disturb someone’s personal time. Using high-quality window curtains is an effective way to maintain high standards of your room atmosphere and privacy levels. Not only does it provide nighttime privacy but also helps you enjoy undisturbed sleep.  

However, blackout curtains are another best solution here as they limit light from outside, give your room a dark place to rest in. Blackout curtains do not only restrict light but also act as an insulator, making your room warm in chilling winters.  

Bring accent to a well-decorated room 

Nothing brings more calmness to a well-decor bedroom than a pair of exquisite, vibrant and beautifully designed curtains. If your bedroom is already decorated with enchanting and coloured wall art and quilted bedspread, beautiful curtains can provide a touch of calmness and quietness for sure. When choosing a plain curtain, keep the rest of the room vivid so that your curtains can do all the talking. 

Helps improve your sleep

The basic role of installing curtains is to keep light out of the bedroom. They are typically manufactured from high quality dense and tightly woven fabric materials that will last longer. 

Generally, curtains can play a great role in improving your night sleep particularly if they are blackouts. These curtains block roughly 90% of incoming sunlight, while some completely darken the space with a 100% blackout effect. 

It also aids in noise cancellation, which results in creating a calmer and more solemn sleeping environment. 

Saves you from seasonal wall paints 

Rooms with big glass windows require seasonal renovation because the direct sunlight causes the wall paints to be dreary, and the furniture, carpets, and drapes fade.

Therefore, installing good quality curtains in such windows can filter the sunlight and reduce exposure, which will ultimately lessen the need for repainting and refinishing your room. 

Keeps dust away 

Everyone loves to open up windows on cloudy evenings and let some fresh air in. If you have curtains on windows, they will act as filters, keep dust and dirt away from entering your room. Make sure you choose high-quality heavy drapes that won't flutter with light air. 

Set the right mood

Nothing adds a special touch to your house like beautiful window treatments. What's more, they can set the mood for any room. A well-designed bedroom, especially with a pair of elegant curtains and modernistic window dressings with artistic curtains rods and finials can really make a difference in the overall décor.

Saves energy 

Windows are mainly used for ventilating your rooms but the problem comes with the change in the climate. Installing blackout curtains on your room’s windows are the best choice to make your room warm in winters as they block out the light and prevent energy from escaping through windows. This also helps in maintaining your desired temperature climate in your room and helps save your money on electric bills. 

Blackout curtains to create a noise barrier

If you are living on a busy street, or have a noisy neighbourhood that goes off early in the morning and disturbs your sleep, make sure to choose blackout curtains because they act as a sound barrier alongside blocking the light. These soundproof curtains can help you sleep much better and relax more.

The Best Way to Install Curtains in bedroom

The best way to hang bedroom curtains is to first make sure you have the right curtain rod for your window. Next, before hanging your curtain, you must measure the width of your window from left to right, and from top to bottom. The length of the curtain should be at least a little bit longer than your measurement for a finished look. 

It is also important to know that most manufacturers make standard curtains in three or four different sizes, so it may be difficult to find one that fits perfectly in your window. So, before going to purchase a ready-made curtain, take accurate measurements and then shop curtains. 

To install a curtain rod on an inside mount, you will want to screw the mounting bracket into the wall behind your window. Next, carefully slide the mounting bracket up and onto the top of the window frame.

The bottom of your curtain rod should be 2 inches away from the outer edge of your window frame. You can use small brackets along the edges of your curtain rod if you have a large window and need more support there. Finally, attach any finials or decorative elements on the ends of your curtain rod and hang the curtains!

Why Choose Imperial Rooms for Bedroom Curtains?

The first step in creating a beautiful bedroom is selecting the right window dressings. At Imperial Rooms, we work together round the clock to make sure you get the look you want, so we put together this little guide to help you find the perfect fit.

Imperial Rooms offers a wide variety of curtains in all different styles, fabrics, and colours, you must choose the one that would go best with your room decor. We offer thermal blackout curtains, jacquard curtains, and crushed velvet curtains. 

All of them are manufactured from high-quality fabrics that are affordable and made to last. If you want to make sure your bedroom decor goes off without a hitch, explore the vast collection and contact us for any kind of assistance as we offer 24/7 customer service. 

The takeaway 

One of the best ways to create a stylish, chic decor aesthetic in your bedroom is with a pair of curtains. From bringing the class and softness in, to adding colour and texture, curtains can do a lot in all bedrooms of your home. If you’ve never thought of styling your bedroom with curtains before, you may feel that curtains are difficult to deal with, but this doesn’t have to be the case. 

It is possible to decor your bedroom with curtains effectively and creates your desired unique look for your bedroom. Use the top ideas we have mentioned here, and ensure that your bedroom has a completely new appeal!

There are many options when it comes to choosing the right type of curtains for your windows. Finding ones that complement the colour, size and shape of your windows should be your number one priority. One more thing, hold on and make sure they will fit with the other furnishings of your bedroom as well.