Tricks so that the covers of the sofa do not move.

Sofa covers are the best option to preserve house furniture and prevent it from being damaged, especially if we have animals or small children. Likewise, sofa covers —such as adjustable sofa covers— can help us to hide the stains or rips that this piece of furniture has suffered over time so that it looks presentable again and even from the feeling that it is a new sofa.

The truth is that there are many reasons why we can put new covers on sofas. As we mentioned, these serve to protect them and hide stains, combine the sofa with the house's general decoration and prevent foul odors from adhering. Now, sometimes putting the sofa cover is challenging since it can move or not fit as it should. 

Next, we explain how to adjust the sofa cover to stay the same with several tricks we can use for it. Read on to find out how to do it.


How adjust the sofa cover is a very simple task that we can do at home. It is not about choosing waterproof sofa covers that do not move since this is inevitable over time after the movements and pressure we make when sitting down and getting up. Something that is even more noticeable if the upholstery material of the sofa is leather or imitation leather, which gives rise to greater slippage of the cover. It is about finding an effective solution so that the adjustable sofa covers do not give way in any way. To answer the question of how to make a sofa cover not move, we can carry out the following tricks:

Apply carpet grip tapes: Carpet grip tapes are adhesives that are used to prevent the rainbow carpet from moving from one place to another every time we step on it. It are also very useful to have sofa covers that do not move. We have to stick the tapes on the upholstery of the sofa so that the cover can be stabilized once it is placed.

Fitting the cover: It is practically impossible to find a cover that fits perfectly on each sofa. Therefore, you must ensure that it fits as much as possible – like adjustable sofa covers. Now, what do we do with the excesses that may remain? In that case, we must introduce them in the folds between the backrest and the seats or between the arms and the seats. For this, you can help yourself with any material that allows you to sink the excess fabric as much as possible.

Make weight: Another of the most valuable techniques to ensure that the sofa cover does not move is to roll up magazines and tie them with a plastic band. Once you have made these paper tubes, you must insert them into the folds and send them to the bottom of the folds. In this way, the weight and pressure will prevent the cover from giving way and coming off.

All these tips can be used together or separately to achieve sofa covers that do not move. Some sofa upholstery does not adhere to the carpet grip tapes —or in which cases, its use is not recommended since it could damage them, especially when it comes to new sofas. In these situations, any of the other tips can be applied. 



When choosing the sofa cover, we must consider a series of characteristics so that they adapt perfectly to our furniture. The first thing we must consider is that it is made of an elastic material, such as adjustable sofa covers —as we answered in the previous point to the question of how to make a sofa cover not move. 

Another aspect that we must take into account to facilitate how to adjust the sofa cover is to choose a good product that is not too tight either since, first of all, we risk that it does not fit. Or come off every time we sit down and, secondly, because it can crack if it is put under too much pressure.

Finally, although it has nothing to do with adjusting them so that they do not move, it is essential to consider the case's design. This must be chosen based on the general decoration of the house so that it combines perfectly. For this, we can look, above all, at the colours of carpets and blinds, as well as the rest of the furniture in the living room.


Putting the covers on the armchairs is a more straightforward task than in the case of sofas. The process is precisely the same, although you should remember that not all armchairs can cover with a cover —at least with an adjustable cover. In these last cases, the covers do not adapt, and the aesthetic result is inappropriate, which can be solved with a towel or a thin blanket.

Now, in the case of standard armchairs, those that look like a single sofa, the cover must be placed in the same way as on sofas. It is much more likely that these will not move since, having only one square, they adjust more efficiently, less fabric is left over and not so much pressure is exerted - in these cases, it is not necessary to stick grip tapes.