Protect your car seats from your dogs

Man's best friend can also be a car's worst nightmare. Your fun-loving, four-legged friend makes a great companion, but he usually comes with dirt and mud if you take him out for activities. Unfortunately, this can lead to accidents inside your vehicle. So how can you protect your car seats from dogs?

Travelling with your dog is a blast, but cleaning up? Not really. Even the best-trained dogs can't help but get dirty from time to time. You don't have to let cleanliness interfere with your enjoyment; There are many ways to protect your car from dirt, hair and drool. One of them is to apply for fabric protection. Water and stain-resistant, it can protect your fabric seats from muddy paws or any potential accidents from a new puppy. They usually have long-lasting effects, making them a useful protective option. The only word of warning on this is to check the ingredients. They're likely made from a mixture of chemicals, and you'll want to do your due diligence to check if any of the ingredients could harm your pet.

What kind of car seat protection against dogs?

For the most part, the coverage you decide on depends on the climate, how you plan to transport your pet and the pet's temperament. For those who own a dog that is content to lounge on the back, you might be encouraged to use a blanket, but many dogs like to chew, scratch and pounce on their travels, which could damage the precious interior of your car. The primary function of the majority of them will be to keep pet hair manageable and provide protection when a dog has a destructive temper, while seat covers will provide relaxation for the dog.

Seat covers

Seat covers are the most common type of vehicle protection. A good bench seat cover will protect your entire backseat, keeping it completely free of dirt, hair, paw prints, and all the other messy stuff that dogs bring in. Be sure to measure your back seat and compare it to the measurements of the products you plan to purchase. Things to watch out for:  With bench seat covers, it's all about coverage and durability. They're going to take on your dirty dogs, and that's a big challenge. Ensure you have a waterproof cover fabric, strong stitching, piping to catch mud and water, and at least four mounting points so your dog can't move it and discover your nice clean seat. Another essential thing to look for is openings for passing seat belts, so your car can still be used by human passengers and you can still use your dog's seat belt harness. The openings also allow you to use child car seats.

Benefits of a car seat cover against your dog

The car seat cover reduces the amount of dog hair that gets into your car seat. Dog hair will stick to floors, floor mats, and seats in your vehicle like a magnet. This means you will have to spend a lot of time cleaning and vacuuming the seats to remove these furs. Car seat covers can save you a lot of cleaning time and help you spend more time with your family and pet.

Seat covers prevent damage to your car interior; Whether you have leather or fabric seats, these seats are not designed to be scratched or chewed up. It is inevitable to scratch or chews the seats. Whether it's food getting stuck on the seat or your dog feeling anxious, your seats will take all the damage. We all know how expensive it is to repair and re-cover car seats. If you use a seat cover against your dog, you won't have to deal with this problem. Seat covers are a barrier between car seats, your floor and your dog. The durable materials used in the seat covers resist scratches and probably a bite or two. This makes it an excellent tool for car rides with the latter. It prevents lingering stain odours and keeps your seat clean. As dog owners, we get that lingering smell left by our dogs after a car ride. What's even worse is that the smell remains even after deep cleaning. Drool stains from your dog's paws and water accidents are also unavoidable. This is precisely why dog ​​owners need seat covers against dogs. 

Are they indispensable elements? If your dog gets sick and vomits or has a water accident, all you need to do is remove the seat cover and clean it. You won't have to deal with the problems of permanent odours and constant friction.

Car seat covers prevent your dog from slipping.

Your dog is sitting in the car's back seat, and chances are your dog will slip and slide. It will happen if your dog is a tiny Chihuahua or a large Mastiff. Whether polyester or leather, your car seat material isn't designed to hold your dog in place.

It offers more space than a crate.

The crate makes more sense than a pet-proof seat cover for most people. The advantage of crates is that they keep your pet safe during walks and prevent your dog from making a mess. But there is a downside to being created. The most obvious is that it prevents your four-legged friend from stretching his legs in the car. Car seat covers are an excellent option for giving your dog plenty legroom. It also eliminates the possibility of your dog becoming overly restless, especially on long walks. With the benefits mentioned above, dog car seat covers are a great addition to your car. But don't settle for just a pet seat cover. The non-slip backing keeps the seat cover in place.