What cushion colour for a grey sofa?

Gray is a sober and timeless colour.

This shade has always adorned our interiors.

There are many shades of grey. From light grey to anthracite grey, grey offers different possibilities for colour combinations. This article will find all our decorating ideas with a grey sofa. What cushion colour for a grey sofa? What decorative style should I associate with my grey sofa? You are in the right place!

What colours go with grey?

As previously mentioned, grey is a sober colour. This is why it is straightforward to associate this shade with all types of decorative objects and decoration styles. It is essential to know that grey goes with all colours. We present here our favourite combinations to reproduce in all styles of decoration. From vintage style to chic country style via minimalist style, find grey in all interiors!


We can only talk about colour pairing with grey if we talk about the colour of the sun: yellow. This colour represents positivity, joy and good humour; yellow is an uplifting hue and, therefore, perfect for pairing with grey. Yellow cushions on your grey sofa cover can then revive an interior decoration and bring a touch of fantasy! Moreover, the combination of yellow and grey is a big trend. Indeed, these are the Pantone colours of the year 2021. Revive your interior and dare to combine a yellow cushion with a grey sofa!

For this, we recommend the following model: You can associate it with the wallpaper of identical patterns from the Livingwalls Metropolitan Stories 2 collection for harmonious decoration. This sublime plant motif in yellow is the perfect touch of freshness to add to your decor!

Powdery pink

Associated with tenderness and happiness , powder pink is a soft and pleasant colour in decoration. Its pastel shade combines sublimely with grey. We prefer it with an anthracite grey to create an exciting contrast between a dark and soft, pastel colour. A powder pink cushion with velvety effects or pink patterns is welcome on your grey sofa!


It may be one of many colours you will associate grey with. However, marriage between light grey and dark green is not unpleasant. The same goes for a dark grey sofa with a light green cushion! Dare to combine these two shades for chic, sober and modern decor in your living room!

Blue Duck

Duck blue is a prevalent and trending trend! Much appreciated for its Art Deco and contemporary influences, duck blue comes from the natural colours of water and inspires confidence and serenity. These two meanings take on their whole meaning in a living room!

Black or white

Timeless shades are welcome on a grey sofa. We cannot do without decoration; black and white are intense colours. A black and white cushion shows how to contrast a grey sofa. This association will then leave the field free to your imagination to create or accentuate a particular style of decoration. Affirm your rustic style, or play with a cocooning style!

Adding a colourful rainbow rug to brighten your living room may be a good idea. For this, we strongly recommend the following reference: Imperial Rooms Rugs Collection. This rug with geometric shapes combined with Pantone colours is the perfect finishing touch for a designer interior! Under a coffee table, in the middle of the living room or even under your grey sofa, this model will give your room splendour and brightness!


Finally, no surprises! Grey pairs wonderfully well with its equal. On a light grey sofa, bring contrast by placing an anthracite grey cushion. Dark grey will then be the modern and industrial touch. On the contrary, combine one or more light grey cushion(s) with your anthracite grey sofa to bring more light to your space!

You then have all our favourite grey associations! Gray remains an exact colour to combine and will blend in with all your decor. What cushion colour for a grey sofa? Add bright colours or contrast with sober shades; your grey sofa will thank you in any case!