Which outdoor doormat to choose?

You may have already wondered whether you should put the doormat inside or outside. It will have a different function depending on whether you place it inside or outside your home. Outdoor rugs in front of the front door serve as insulation and an area for cleaning shoes before entering the house. The interior doormat is where you take off your shoes and a decorative accessory that welcomes your friends. So to find out how to choose your outdoor doormat and which material to choose, here is our detailed guide to help you select the one that's right for you.

What material for an outdoor doormat?

When you choose your outdoor doormat, you pay special attention to the material from which it is made. The carpet must be solid, withstand the multiple scrapings of shoe soles, and resist lousy weather if you live in a house incredibly if he is not sheltered in a building stairwell.

Several materials are available for outdoor doormats, the most common being coconut fibre, which is very popular for its aesthetic and moisture-resistant qualities, wrought iron or cast iron, or even rubber. The aesthetic rendering is very different according to the materials. Coconut fibre offers more fantasies with the possibility of playing with the colours and printed messages.

The coconut doormat is also recognized for its excellent resistance to bad weather and, in particular, it is very palpable anti-mould qualities. The wrought iron or cast iron doormat has cutouts that add charm for a very elegant look. It offers a very particular rendering that does not necessarily correspond to all houses but proves to be very solid and resistant against the soles of shoes. This type of doormat is very effective in removing any soil residue or gravel stuck in the notches of the soles. Rubber is incomparable for its resistance and convenient side to maintain because a simple jet of water makes it possible to clean it effectively.

Dimensions and style of an outdoor doormat

The standard and most common size for the doormat is 60 cm by 40 cm for a rectangular type format. There are other shapes of outdoor rugs, including round rug, for which the diameter is most often 60 cm or half-moon. The doormat is becoming more original in terms of style, displaying pretty colours or a welcome message.

You won't be short of choices among the traditional "home sweet home", "welcome", or even the word hello written in many languages. As a real object of decoration and personal touch at the entrance of your home, the outdoor rug is adorned with pretty original patterns such as stars, graphic prints, hearts or floral patterns. Coconut fibre doormats allow all fantasies and offer a wide range of colours.

You can easily surprise your guests as soon as they arrive at the door of the house with a red doormat with imitation cement tile patterns. The effect will be striking. You can opt for a graphic model with multicoloured drawings or play the touch of humour withdrawing steps from the largest to the smallest. Animal motifs make it possible to offer an original and eye-catching outdoor rug. Opt, for example, for a doormat sporting pretty pink flamingos framed by greenery or a toucan in a tropical setting. In a more classic spirit, the cat and the dog are always safe bets.

How to clean your outdoor doormat?

The outdoor doormat serves as a transition zone between the street (or garden) and the interior of your home. This is where you and your guests will wipe your shoes to remove as much dirt as possible and avoid bringing them inside. Therefore, the doormat is subject to all kinds of dirt, such as earth, gravel, grass and even simple dust. Therefore, it is essential to retain its hygienic role by cleaning it regularly. Remember to shake it out, and complete this with a vacuum every week, eliminating the central residues and dust to keep your carpet in good condition.

To thoroughly wash your rug, use warm salt water to brush your doormat. Another very effective tip for removing any residue and dissolving the dirt that has infiltrated the fibres of your carpet: is baking soda. It is sprinkled over the entire carpet (taking care that it is scorched). Then, you have to let it act and end up with a simple vacuum cleaner. You will find a doormat like new. You can do this once a month to have a clean and sanitized carpet. This technique works on all types of doormats, even coir models.