Newborn Swaddle Wrap 3 Pack Cotton Grey

Color: Grey
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These best Newborn Swaddle Wrap let your baby enjoy a comfy, womb-like ultra-soft touch while sleeping and avoid shock reactions that sometimes wake them up. Imperial Rooms has come up with the best baby swaddle wrap packs for newborn babies who do not roll over and turn sides.

These super easy to change baby wrap swaddles are made from 100% pure cotton that proffers ultra-gentle touch against the baby’s soft skin, keeps them warm, and its hook and loop fastener makes the diaper change a breeze without disturbing and unswaddling the baby. This swaddle wrap comes in a pack of 3 in different designs, all have adjustable wings so you will be assured of baby safety while helping them do the random movements comfortably.

These baby swaddle wraps are great for your newborn babies aged from 0 to 3 months. Imperial Rooms believe that good sleep is essential for both the baby and the parent, so why not try these baby swaddles and keep your newborn safe and sound while sleeping.


    • Size: Perfect for 0-3 months.
    • Material: 100% cotton.
          Make sure your newborn enjoys the perfect sleep with these cotton baby swaddle wraps by Imperial Rooms that are cozy, soft, and cuddly. These baby swaddle wraps come in packs of three in incredibly delicate and soft to the touch fabric, which provides the most enjoyable nap for your baby.

          Adorable Motif Designs

          This comfy baby wraps come in packs of three, each featuring different motif designs. It includes dreamy clouds, stars, and plain-lined designs that look nice and give a snug impression.

          Hook & Loop Fastener

          Imperial Rooms finishes this baby sleeping wraps for newborns with a superior hook and loop fastener, stitched with extreme perfection. This hugs the baby and gives them a safe sleeping environment to rest.

          Perfect Size for Newborns

          Imperial Rooms offers these little baby swaddles in a standard size that works just perfect for newborn babies from 0 to 3 months.

          Superior Quality Fabric

          These baby swaddle wraps are made of the greatest quality and 100% original cotton material that is renowned for its delicacy and softness, ensuring that your baby is kept warm and please.

          Washing Instructions

          Your baby swaddle requires frequent washing even before using it for the first time to remove any toxins. Imperial Rooms deliver this quality baby swaddle that is easily washable and does not fade after regular washes.

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