Top 7 Styling Tips For Bedroom Decoration.

Did you know that we spend over a third of our lives sleeping? A bedroom is an essential room in your home. Are you getting a new bedroom, or do you want to give your existing bedroom a makeover? Imperial Rooms gives you tips and ideas. Are you reading along?

Good night's sleep is important.

I'm sure you agree that a good night's sleep is essential. I notice it immediately the next day if I don't sleep well. I feel tired, less alert and have less energy. We can't just solve stubborn sleeping problems for you. However, a well-furnished bedroom certainly contributes to a good night's sleep. A bedroom that is furnished in the right way brings peace and gives you a good feeling. And we can help you with that!

7 Styling Tips

How do you properly furnish your bedroom? We give you seven styling tips and ideas:

  1. A good mattress and pillow. These are important things for a good night's sleep. Did you know that we rotate about 30 times in our sleep and lose 350cc of fluid per night? Therefore, a firm mattress and a well-supporting pillows made of ventilating material are absolute must-haves. In addition, choose breathable bedding in colours that you like, coordinated with your bedroom decor.
  2. Ventilation. With what you have just read about moisture loss, you will understand that ventilation in a bedroom is important. I like to sleep with a window open at night. Do you think this is too cold? In any case, open the window for a few hours during the day, so that your bedroom can get some nice air.
  3. Plants. Plants in your bedroom are not only fun but also healthy! They have a cleaning effect on the air, provide extra oxygen and increase the humidity. Plants Contribute to a better night's sleep. Plants that would fit well in a bedroom include Lavender (the soothing scent lowers stress and blood pressure and makes you sleepy), Spider plant (grass lily that purifies the air), Sanseveria (cleans the air and releases oxygen) and just because of the name: Bedroom happiness, a decorative green plant with lots of tiny leaves.
  4. Storage space. Because a tidy bedroom provides peace of mind and, therefore, provides storage space in the form of a wardrobe, chest of drawers or decorative baskets and boxes. Drawers under your bed are also super handy for storing bedding, for example.
  5. Natural and soothing colours. Using light, fresh colours is best, especially in a small room. Natural earth tones, light blue, white and soft pastels are very suitable. Do you want a more striking colour? Then use it for the wall behind your bed. This way, the whole thing you look at remains nice and quiet. An extra tip is to reflect the colour of the walls in accessories such as your duvet covers and pillows.
  6. Not too many accessories. To keep the peace in the bedroom again, Better not to put down or hang up too many accessories. A TV in the bedroom is also not recommended. This also applies to all electronics. Turn off screens and screens an hour before sleep to prevent them from disrupting your sleep. Instead, unwind with a good book or listen to quiet music. Of course, you want a cosy bedroom. You can create this by, for example, nice decorative pillows and a beautiful bedspread on your bed. Decorative bedside tables or side tables with a beautiful lamp enhance the atmosphere. You can hang a (group of) nice frames on the wall with photos you like to look at. A warm rug on the floor finishes it off and is also nice for the cold days to come.
  7. Eclipse. It has been proven that your body only really relaxes in a darkened room. This way, you wake up rested and start the day energetically.

Blackout Curtains Bedroom Decoration

Black Blackout Curtains

Curtains make your bedroom cozy, warm and romantic. Do you want to make your bedroom appear more prominent and optimally darkened? Then opt for long curtains that reach the floor. But there are more options to darken your bedroom:

For an optimal result, you can combine curtains with wooden blinds, roller blinds. Combining transparent curtains with blackout roller, folding or regular curtains is also beautiful. This way you can darken your bedroom well at night while the light is pleasantly filtered during the day.

At Imperial Rooms Blackout Curtains, you will find various beautiful colours ,look and transparent curtains. Beautiful, calm colours are, for example, pepper and salt, natural, off-white, sand, pebble or (light) grey. Would you like to experience these fabrics and colours at home? Then order free samples. Orders placed before noon are shipped the same day. We wish you an excellent night's sleep! Do you want grey blackout curtains? Or do you want custom Imperial Rooms curtains? Then view our collection.