Cashmere Knotted Area Rugs

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Presenting the Cashmere Rug Radiant from Imperial Room, a stunning work of art that will provide unmatched beauty and charm to your living area. The Cashmere Rug Radiant is an artistic creation rather than just a floor covering. Its elaborate designs and striking hues provide an enthralling visual spectacle that turns your house into a sophisticated and elegant retreat. This adds to its attractiveness because of its heavenly-feeling, fluffy texture. 

This rug, made of premium Polypropylene, has a striking pattern that draws attention and commands attention in any space. Thanks to its washable function, you can easily preserve the Cashmere Rug Radiant's gorgeous look. It is a valuable but opulent addition to your home décor because of its durability, which guarantees it will resist everyday wear and tear.

This rug may be used with classic and modern home design themes because of its versatility. Your exquisite taste will amaze your visitors when they see the Cashmere Rug Radiant, whether placed in the living room, bedroom, or entrance.

With the Cashmere Knotted Area Rugs, every step is a voyage through elegance and beauty, elevating your home décor to new heights.


  • Sizes (cm):(40 x 60 CM), (60 x 110 CM), (80 x 150 CM), (120 x 170 CM), (160 x 230 CM), (200 x 290 CM)
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Washing Instructions: Hand wash only / Dry Clean, Don't bleach, Don't iron, Don't tumble dry

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