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An exquisite work of elegance and beauty, the Opulent Cashmere Rug will elevate any room in your house. Luxuriate in the velvety embrace of cashmere fibres painstakingly woven by hand.

The pattern of this rug is a harmonious blend of classic style and modern flare. It is the focal point of any space because of its elaborate designs and rich colour scheme, which radiate luxury. These rugs, which were expertly crafted, are evidence of the creativity in manufacturing rugs.

This rug is more than simply a floor covering—its warmth and softness invite you to savour comfort. Whether in your bedroom or living area, it makes your place a luxurious haven. The ultimate in refinement, the rug will take your home's décor to new levels.

Discover the exceptional Modern Distressed Rugs and elegance of the Luxurious Cashmere Rug. It is more than just a rug; it represents your sophisticated taste and admiration for life's better things. Make a statement and embrace luxury with this magnificent addition to your house.


  • Sizes (cm):(40 x 60 CM), (60 x 110 CM), (80 x 150 CM), (120 x 170 CM), (160 x 230 CM), (200 x 290 CM)
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Washing Instructions: Washable.

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