Thick Persian Coastal Style Rugs Cashmere

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Take advantage of the Cashmere Rug Tranquill from Imperial Room to create a peaceful haven in your house. It is perfect for bedrooms, meditation areas, or any other place where you want comfort because of its soft, velvety texture, which offers a pleasant, comfortable sensation underfoot.

Our machine-washable rugs make upkeep simple and worry-free, letting you retain its serene beauty for years. Because of its classic style, this rug will be a treasured addition to your home's interior design for many years.

The thick Persian Coastal Style Rugs seamlessly complements a range of settings, regardless of whether your design style is minimalist, Scandinavian, or seaside. It's a haven that supports your relaxation and sense of equilibrium among the chaos of everyday life, not simply a rug.

Welcome the calm and add a hint of Zen to your living space with the Cashmere Rug Tranquill, which combines elegance and tranquility.


  • Sizes (cm):(40 x 60 CM), (60 x 110 CM), (80 x 150 CM), (120 x 170 CM), (160 x 230 CM), (200 x 290 CM)
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Washing Instructions: Washable.

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