Cashmere Silk Rug

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This Imperial Room Serene Cashmere Rug will make your house a peaceful retreat. Feel the soft touch of cashmere fibres as they are skillfully woven into a rug that radiates cosiness and comfort.

The design of the rug is a monument to grace and minimalism. It's the ideal accent piece for any space where unwinding is essential because of its tranquil colour scheme and simple designs.

This rug is more than simply a floor covering—it's a call to relax and find comfort in your surroundings, expertly crafted with care and perfection. It brightens the tranquil atmosphere of your living room, bedroom, or comfortable reading corner.

Savour the warmth and softness of the Silk Rug while considering that it stands for a desire for a calm living space and a dedication to excellence. Create a focal point in your area with this gorgeous Serene Cashmere Rug to uplift your interior design and welcome calm.


  • Sizes (cm):(40 x 60 CM), (60 x 110 CM), (80 x 150 CM), (120 x 170 CM), (160 x 230 CM), (200 x 290 CM)
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Washing Instructions: Hand wash only / Dry Clean, Don't bleach, Don't iron, Don't tumble dry

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